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Worst Consumer Experience Everr (update)


Well, its been over a week and the Seller still hasn’t received my order despite assistance from Customer Support. Fro some reason, when I log in it says that my user account is no longer available, but at the top of the screen it says, “Congratulations Andy! You’re our latest Super Seller :-)” My name is Lisa and I am not selling anything on Fiverr.

I have never seen such poor execution of an electronic marketplace. The folks at Fiverr should be embarrassed. If this isn’t fixed today, I am going to dispute the charge on my credit card and tell all my friends to stay far, far away.


What do you mean by the seller not receiving your order? Did you pay by eCheque?


If you didn’t have a balance on Paypal, then it initiates a transfer from your bank, which takes days, and the order is not placed until the transfer is complete and the funds are verified.

If you have a balance on Paypal and neglected to check/uncheck the button that allows funds to go directly from the balance (as opposed to initiating a bank trnasfer), then it automatically does the bank transfer, taking days for the order to show up.

Did either one of these happen?