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Worst Consumer Experience Everr


I submitted an order, paid for it through Paypal and it never showed up in my account. I tried to contact Customer Support and it took me 15 mins to figure out how to email Support. Then I have to verify my Customer Support Account through an email that never showed up in my inbox. I’ve now spent 45 minutes trying to sort out a $5 transaction. I just want my “Gig” and then I’ll probably neverr use Fiverr again.


If you do not have any money in your Paypal balance (already transferred from your bank account), then Paypal takes a few days to authorize the transfer of funds, delaying the seller’s receipt of your order. This has nothing to do with Fiverr.

If you have a Paypal balance, make sure to check (or it could be uncheck - I can’t remember) the box so that the funds come right out of the balance. Otherwise, it initiates a bank withdrawal transaction that could take days to complete.

The seller will not receive your order until the funds are cleared by Paypal. I’ve learned this the hard way. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thanks! Fiverr should explain that somewhere clearly.

Also, they should fix their Customer Support process. It makes no sense for me to have to verify my Customer Support account, unless they want to discourage Customer Support requests. Either way, its a terrible user experience.

You listening, Fiverr?


I agree. I just got on the site and surprisingly got my first gig within a week, but I can’t tell how to get paid. I was never prompted to enter bank or paypal account information, and “what to expect” was nowhere clearly indicated or explained. They never even ostensibly said “we’ll take one out of every $5 you make.” Just let it come as an unpleasant surprise. I shouldn’t have to go digging in a forum for answers. Terrible user interface from a seller’s standpoint.