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Worst Customer Support ever seen


Since I am in fiverr I suffered the Customer Support everyday: one day one of my gigs is approved, the next day needs to modify it, I send a mail asking why, the gig is approved again and a week later all begin again…everyday wasting time…

2 weeks ago, I noticed my gig offering traffic is not listed, neither in english or spanish. I asked in spanish why, and the answer was "this service are not within our editorial approach. " What?? there are several gigs offering “visits to your web” in both language as I show in this screen captures .

I had no answer . 2 weeks without my gigs,without selling, I don´t know if it is a problem of negligence , or a poor training of the employees , but is the worst Support Service I have ever seen…


Please post according to the Fiverr guidelines–help keep our forums clear for all users. This belongs in ‘The Ranting Pot’ and doesn’t belong in the Tips for Sellers forum. We are moving it. If you need to work out additional issues, contact CS directly. Thanks!