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Worst customer you had?

I got an order from a client who decided to double the price of my Premium package, because he wanted to buy the exact same video I have as a sample of my work. I saw no problem in that, so I sent him a custom order, with 6 days delivery. No problem whatsoever, because of how much money he spent I decided to give him a bonus thumbnail (though it wasn’t included), and I had the final video ready in just two days.

And at that moment, things went downfall. After I sent him the last draft, he asked if that I could send him the final videos (on top of that he asked two versions, with only a small variation so whatever) right away. I declined because it was late in my country, and didn’t have a good internet connection at that time. He insisted, but I explained to him that he will for sure receive his work next day.

Next day, I could only send him one video, the other couldn’t be uploaded through my browser (Chrome sometimes has trouble with Fiverr). I panicked. I explained the situation and told him that we were on time, that I will figure out how to send the videos. I sent him google drive links and he said he didn’t know how to download them :clown_face:

He then implied I was being incompetent because other sellers didn’t have that problem when delivering (I was about to send a caps lock “THAT’S NONE OF MY BUSINESS, SEARCH A TUTORIAL ON HOW TO DOWNLOAD FROM DRIVE AND LEAVE ME ALONE” because I have spent HOURS trying to send to him only to listen that he doesn’t know how to download a bloody video from Drive). He was hurrying me for no reason at all, I was delivering 3 days before the deadline.

I downloaded Mozilla Firefox ON MY CELLPHONE to send him the other video, and it seemed it worked. I then find out he introduced a extension (like I was delivering late, lol) again implying in his reason that I’m being incompetent. Video was sent, I went to sleep, not without swearing a lot first and wishing the worst upon him :joy:

Anyways, I get up the next day only to find that he left me a 3.7 star review :clown_face: With a caption “decent job, thank u”. I did my thing and rated him 3 stars for being an inpatient PITA. So I got a bitter flavor in my mouth only because he thought paying more would grant him to come up with any kind of bs. I remembered him while I was having trouble with the deliver to read the specifications of the order, which of course were 6 days delivery and it was on time. Seems he wanted it now or something.

I was about to cancel the order, but given that he was “satisfied with the work” and only the deliver was missing, I had to breathe.

What would have you done in my place? Have you encountered with rushing buyers?


I don’t know about ‘would have done’ at the time, but I sure would block the buyer now (or as soon as the funds for the order clear).


I’ve had a few Buyers that were the Classic PITA.

One I wrote for over the course of several months just raved about the blogs/articles I did for his company.

He was impressed with the extra research I did on topics and the fun, engaging style of my writing.

Then with one order he turned on me.

It was like night and day…months into this working relationship.

He went on and on about the sub-standard product he couldn’t bear to post on his website for fear of what it would do for his business.

It was odd, considering the very same stuff he raved about in the previous months.

He strongly suggested a full rewrite and if I didn’t “get it right” this time, we’d be parting company.

I saved him the time of having to wait for a rewrite as I sensed there was something else going on here.

Personally, and I’m not sure, but it’s just a guess on my part, they may have hit some financial issues and the “writer” was the easy target.

After that experience, I’ve had a few “pushy” Buyers.

I don’t “do” pushy, so I prefer to cut these toxic people out of my life once signs start showing and red flags begin waving.

That being said, I think I’ve only blocked one or two Buyers here on Fiverr.

I’m quite tolerant of the BS, but when it starts to hit my wallet, I’ll act.

I rarely have any issues now.


So Sad. I think that you should block the buyer.


My worst buyer experience just happened recently…

I’ve already gone into great detail about that ordeal on the forum, but am happy to have put it behind me.


Even though funds for the order cleared they can still get a refund through Customer support if we have done something wrong specially blocking I did this one time and Fiverr refunded the money to the buyer reason I wasn’t supportive after order was completed yeah that’s sucks :frowning: being supportive mean Fiverr stated buyer had a problem of facing putting Youtube banner into their profile and buyer needed help from me but because of his toxicity behavior I blocked him after order was completed blocking a buyer not a good way specially after order was completed because if they know how to pull strings they are going to do it :unamused:


I have had a few pushy buyers and can’t stand someone trying to micro-manage me. I had one buyer recently, actually two, but the first one has been the worst. He ordered an ebook from me for a catalog of his best products for 2021. The delivery time was stated as 14 days and he ordered without messaging me first to ask about time.

He didn’t leave me any information about what he wanted until I messaged him about missing requirements. He then sent me the information and a photo to use for the book cover. Then he starts messaging me asking about when he can expect delivery of the ebook so he can begin promoting it. The gig states 14 days but he needs it sooner and wants to hurry it up. At this time I had a full queue and told him that I would try to get it sooner but it would depend on how many orders were in front of his.

Then he send me another message asking if I can give him an estimate when it will be finished, he wants it by the 7th and it was due on the 10th. Then two days before the deadline, he opens a dispute demanding to see what I have completed on his project so far. After the first two messages I stopped responding to him. The dispute said that the buyer made a request and if I didn’t respond within two days the order would be cancelled. So I decided to let it be cancelled.

I know I will take a hit for it, but this is not a boss/employee relationship and I don’t work that way. I figured if I responded telling him that I have decided not to do business with him anymore that he would try and cause me more trouble (he’s a Fiverr Business Customer) and probably keep hitting the “revision” button taking up even more of my time.

If he needed this work done sooner he should have messaged me first asking if it was possible and if the timing was not to his liking, he could have ordered from another seller.


The second guy wasn’t this bad, he just had me write a great article for him and then after delivery, requested a revision to have the work cut down to lesser quality than I delivered to him. I thought he would be amazed at the depth of the article and well it was written, but instead he said…I want it to be just like this one (lower quality example).

I did it, cussing and mumbling under my breath the whole time. And then he asked how I completed the revision so fast. It was easy, all I did was remove everything he didn’t want and added more content to each paragraph. He says, “Ah”. Ok, I am at work. I’ll talk to you tonight. Me in my head: Oh no you won’t.

His order is finished and I’m not taking any more from him. He was kind of rude when asking for the revision and then was all, “thank you, thank you, you’re so nice” when it was done. No thank you! Don’t need this kind of repeat buyer.


Yes, buyer is blocked of course

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Unfortunately, I have encountered 3 people that I don’t want to work with anymore already and blocked them, and I’m a new seller. I will do whatever is specified in my offer to satisfy a customer, so I don’t mind a little pickiness because I respect the fact they paid money for getting my services. But I also like to work with people that respect my work and myself as a seller, and I really took offense if someone says or implies I’m being incompetent, and same, I don’t deal well with pushy customers.


Ah, yes, I read that post. Crazy and sketchy requirements, that was kinda scary. I’m glad things turned out good for you though!


It sucks. My last order left a customer who even came off their way to say that I ignored his requests when he never was clear enough about what he wanted, not even when giving feedback to the drafts I sent him. Hope he doesn’t goes vendetta on me and make a refund for that, it will be really unfair. Fiverr should not allow any refund when the order is completed and funds cleared. They have 14 WHOLE DAYS to figure if they like your service, product or whatever. It only affects negatively the seller and gives sketchy buyers more room for ruining your life and get away with it.

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The same happened to me with my last horrible customer, but he wasn’t clear that he wanted to include the half-assed video that he wanted instead of one I have edited for him (even when he received two drafts), and then blamed me for not including it??? Sir I’m not inside your mind. You want something, you need to write it to me and make sure I understand. I have a post of it too.

Exactly, not even my boss hurries me when he wants a work done. What right do buyers have over me as a worker? None. If they want something different, then go ask another seller for it. No need to make the life of a seller miserable if they can’t give you what you’re looking for in the moment you want it. Glad you cancelled the order, pushy customers can be nightmarish, but did it affect your cancellation rate?

Yes, but only took 2 points away. I t took me down to 96% from 98% from a previous cancellation for an “ordered by mistake” customer. I have delivered orders so hopefully it’s enough to keep my average at 96 and not let it drop anymore.

It will affect me for two months and then I’ll be back to 100% again.

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That’s a fair price to pay to avoid a PITA customer. At least you didn’t had to keep up with their bs.

Yes, it was worth it. I could tell he would be one of those that would keep hitting the revision button for every little thing just by the messages they sent.

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The worst buyer I’ve got ? Oh no, back to this hell…

So, a buyer sent me a message for picture editing, he said he had 30 pictures to edit, so I charge 30€ to edit his pictures.
So, as requierement, he shows me an example he found on google picture, it was like a lot of pictures that were positioned on 1 page such like a picture album.
Ok, no problems, I do what he asked for, I even have made a designed background instead of leaving a white one, I did color grade his pictures and positioned it aswell, then he said if i can change the background after 1 revision, things I’ve done.
So he marked order as delivered, he got the work, I got money.

And then… this is now that the nightmare begins.
So order has been done, but he contacted me again the day after, saying that he wants his pictures 1 per 1, so, i’m kind, i decided to spend 1 hours to export his pictures 1 per 1, and then he said put numbers top right and bottom left and change the background of each pictures…
So i give him his pictures 1 per 1, he was angry and said that he didn’t want i write a number on pictures, his instructions were unclear and he said “come on dude, are you serious ? stop wasting my time”.
I reply that he is f***** kidding me because 1 he broke the term of our contract cause he in fact wanted i change the background of EACH pictures and not only the photo album background then it would take weeks of work for 30 pictures, 2 order was delivered and marked as completed so it wasn’t my business anymore.
So I explain him that he is literally wasting my time and that he gave unclear instruction and then I blocked and reported him.

Time was passing, I did my routine of fiverr, and 1 week later I receive a message from fiverr support saying that I had an issue with this buyer because this m*rone reported me.
I clearly explained the situation to fiverr support, that his behavior was bad, that order was marked as completed and that I saved screenshoot about conversation.
So fiverr support left me a kind message and problems were solved.


I also had that same feeling reading your story. Buyers abuse the system and therefore the sellers.

But did you reply with the f word when he said you were wasting his time? :joy:

At least things went good at the end. And the review? Did he left a negative one? Did he got a refund or you got the money without problem?

Customers tend to abuse when we’re too permissive and give extra work for free. If I was in your place, I wouldn’t even bother sending anything else because order is completed, specially if it means extra unpaid work. He crossed a basic contract boundary (he asked for one and every picture, even when your work was done) and that’s why he felt like he could even demand more from you (putting numbers to the pictures).

No no, i don’t use bad words in fiverr market place neither negative sentences because I would have been banned or get a warning, I replied professionally, I’m just ranting on the forum so I used bad words :rofl:

And about the review, he left 5 stars as I left 5 stars on his profile because he did accept the order and then after he asked me all those tasks that has nothing to do with the order.
So, I’ve got the money and he just got the picture album through the order and then his pictures 1 per 1 with numbers on it that he didn’t want numbers to appear on it :rofl:

I mean, about the extra work, when order is done, I accept to do 1 last extra because i’m kind, it rarelly happens, he needed his pictures one per one so, ok, I’m gonna give him his pictures 1 per 1 with numbers and then it’s done.
But at the moment he started to complain I instant blocked him in explaining that he is wasting my time.

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