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Worst customer you had?

Of course. Because you had no contract, you only did it because you wanted and were kind enough to, he had no right to demand or request anything else from you.

That’s what I thought :joy:

It seems that you block even faster than me!

Same in french below :
:sweat_smile: J’ai l’impression que tu bloques encore plus vite que moi!


It depends, I try to avoid to block people but at the moment they think I’m a jester, I have to show them who’s the boss to avoid they think that they can do everything they want.
But about this buyer, this one was really the worst specimen I ever met until now.

I sometimes had to block people who didn’t want to understand I have to do custom offers and charge more because they want a 5 minutes video with advanced visual effects and animation and thought they can get it for 40€ instead of 170€.

Sometimes I block people who talk as if I was their friend like: “yo bro i need editing blablabla”, “ok bro, how much do you charge bro, for 5 minutes video bro, ok bro”
Heu, no, I’m not your bro at all… Stop the cringe.

So in fact… Yeah, I block faster than you…


Those are the kind of customers you need to run from :joy: They can’t be bothered to keep a professional communication, they won’t be bothered to keep a professional, respectful approach to your work.

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Maybe they have good intentions and aren’t gonna bring problems but I really hate this language and it doesn’t inspire trust at all.

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Of course. Same here. I guess they’re trying to be friendly but end up being TOO friendly

Yes but, I mean, it’s like the real life, when you go in supermarket and bring your kart to the cashier, you don’t talk to him like: “yo bro wassup, give me dat vegetables and fruit discount I saw on da tickets bro, can you trade this 10€ bill for 10€ in coins man ? Aaaah yeah thanks bro” :rofl:


LMAO yes :joy: They just think they can go away with it because is online

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Thank goodness for The Ranting Plot!

The worst buyers I’ve had are the ones who used me as the scapegoat for their screwups and ridiculous deadlines and/or the buyers who don’t really know what they want and apparently aren’t familiar with how talking works.

One buyer who had missed his own deadline and was mega stressed sent me an explainer video that already had the subtitles on it. He wanted me to fit the VO with the timing of the video but his script was different to the video. He was clear that I should follow the script even though it was longer with more words. I sent him what was scripted and he wasn’t happy AT ALL. He needed me to fit it to the exact timing of the video and the subtitles. So, I politely pointed out for a second time that the script was longer so should I follow the script or the video? The script he says. So I recorded the script again and spoke faster to try and get the right timing, which wasn’t possible without sounding like I was reading the faster than the speed of light T&C’s you hear at the end of TV ads.
He comes back again raging because it was different to the video and said he wanted another revision. At that point, I was like, “LOOK. The script and the video are in contradiction. Do you want the video version or the script version??” This time he took the video version and I never heard from him again because I blocked the PITA. No review either, thank goodness.

The other horror I had to work with wanted me to voice a 60 second ad. Again, the video was already done so I had to make sure that I hit 60 seconds or less. Again, his word count was a challenge to fit into 60 seconds. What made it worse was that he wanted me to match the tone and pace of one of my examples - a meditation track.
Meditations are slow because, y’know, they’re meditations. So I spoke gently but quick enough to fit into 60 seconds and it sounded weird. I sent it anyway.
He wasn’t happy - “I want the pace you did in your meditation track!” Yes, but this is very challenging when I only have 60 seconds. Anyway, I recorded the revision at the pace of my meditation track knowing full well it wouldn’t be right. He came back and basically started telling me that I didn’t know what I was doing, what was so difficult about following the demos that I had “apparently” recorded myself, blah, blah, blah. I actually cried because it was 10 pm at this point and I was done. So, I was like, “LOOK!” :joy: You can’t have this style in this time frame. In the end, he extended the video length. He asked for a final revision that wasn’t in the style of meditation. Which I delivered, after I’d had a swift gin to calm down, and I never heard from him again because I also blocked that total PITA.


Had an order with him which went well, then during the second one he inexplicably turned on me saying I wasn’t listening (false).
I opened a thread about him on here even, to which I never bothered giving closure to. He simply didn’t review me in the end despite suddenly saying he loved what he got in the final delivery, so I got the money after the 14 days clearance time and then I blocked him.

Luckily the only black sheep in the over two dozen people I’ve met here.

It’s totally unbelievable, in this time, A buyer didn’t know How to download Google Drive Videos, after she explains everything.

and after she gave everything, how customer give a 3.7-star review with the caption decent job.

i haven’t face any worst buyer if i will face then i will block him sure.

I mean, fully aware this is a troll but I thought I’d have a bit of fun.

Absolutely most ridiculous actual request about voiceover was a guy wanted a quote for such a large amount of audio I didnt believe it was real. I confirmed it like 4 times. Even if I worked 40 hours a week it would have taken me 9 months to complete!!! Obviously when I said, this wouldn’t be possible to do over fiverr as it would be over £46,000 and if he was serious wed need to get legal advice and a contract written up.

He legit thought I’d do it for £200.

Yeah mate let me just quit my day job and not pay my rent.


I get trolls like this, well, they don’t want me as boy friend but :rofl:
Starting a message by linking the gig without saying aynthing.
You say hi, they say hi, then stop to reply.
Then you write: how can i help ?
Then they write: help me please

I don’t like this at all, it’s like if they were playing a game or something or as if they don’t know what they want, i don’t know it’s so weird :rofl:


And my only shortcoming was not delivering when he asked, not even not delivering in time, just because he wanted the videos. And it wasn’t because of me, it was because of a platform error. Buyers should have ratings and reviews showed like we do, so we can know who to avoid. The only positive thing his order left me was the payment

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It happened to me. Customer said “I want more information about your service” and I replied which information exactly. She went “I’ve seen your service and I want to know all you do”. I explain (like the gig description wasn’t there lol) and they haven’t answered since december :joy:


:joy: No need to work for the rest of your life.

It’s actually really funny :joy: not even Fiverr is free from thirsty people :joy:


Thankfully enough he didn’t left a review.

Sometimes they ask for things that are impossible or contradictory. If they’re buying because they need professional services, why they dismiss our expertise when we explain things can’t be made a certain way?

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Chilllld! I have had some doozies! I’m a voice over artist - for the sake of time I will talk about the guy with the poetry station who I did some station identifiers for. MIND YOU voice work is EXPENSIVE but here you get it for pennies… no flex but I do good work I have 100% positive reviews but there was no pleasing this guy.

Against my own policy I submitted version after version only for him to be like, “very nice, now can you try it like this or that…” SUCH a waste of time. I ultimately cancelled the order and he got to walk away with my work for free. That’s my only beef with Fiverr. There should be a failsafe that if they are “not satisfied” the work is not released. It’s very easy to be taken advantage of here.

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