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Worst day ever



Well few days ago i decide to buy wacom 13HD graphic table :slight_smile: … today it was deliver 20miles far from my home… So i take dad car and drive to seller in other city. After i payd seller 1100$ for table i sit in a car and start driving back to home , i was watcing in wacom table and i didnt notice other car behind me :S so… i hit that car … Well my dad car is passat B6 and i hit mercedess c200 = 2400$ damage… When i come back home i notice that wacom table is broken -.-'

well good day i spend 3500$ for nothing …


Money from table i earn on fiverr …


Damn man, no idea what to say :frowning: That guy did not have an insurance for his car?

However Wacom offers repair services. Better contact them and see what can be done for your tablet?

Obviously nothing to do for what is gone, but maybe still there’s a chance, at least to minimize the loss


i just got that same tablet :slight_smile: Works perfect for design.

$700 cuz a friend of mine needed the money :smiley: