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Worst drought ever, tried all my best all to no avail

Please who can help me here to take a look at my Gig.

I can’t seem to get consistent orders

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A lot of things could be in play here.

However, that’s not the way to start your gig description. You are creating unnecessary friction and negative connotation.

I understand you have been burned before but your gig’s description and packages details have brought lousy orders your way.


Thanks @frank_d some buyers order work worth 50usd for basic package that’s why I include that. I will edit it out.



I completely understand why you put it there, I’ve also been there.

But there are definitely better ways to handle this sort of thing.

Basically if people keep ordering the wrong thing, then you need to re-tool your description.

It’s oftentimes painful and frustrating, but remember one of the most frequent sins in marketing:

we assume the people we are targeting know what we know.


let me tell you something, putting those words in there are going to cause major problems. You have placed the words “dispute” and “cancellation” in front of potential buyers, as soon as they see your gig & created roadblocks by telling people to contact your first. The first thing they should see is what you can do for them & to sell your gig. That statement is like placing a scary looking dog who hasnt been feed for three days on the front door of the gig. You are going to wipe out conversions doing that. you have already created the perception that cancellations and disputes are likely to happen and people are going to take one look at this and run away before reading the rest of the description.

I would add information to the FAQ to address any potential issues and point to FAQ from the description and remove that heading

Thanks so much @markp I will edit that.

But surely not putting to “please contact before ordering” (in whatever wording is best) in the gig description is going to lead to more people ordering without contacting the seller first, including for things that would be copyright infringing etc.

CS is probably unlikely to cancel all such orders without it affecting stats (so it could affect a seller’s level if orders are cancelled), so for gigs where it’s important, isn’t it worth leaving some “contact before ordering” message in somewhere, even if it’s toned down/not bold, maybe lower down in the gig description (though forum users have complained that people still ordered without contacting them when it was put at the end of the gig description)?

I think you replied to the wrong person.

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Sorry, by mistake :grinning: