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Worst Experience Ever With Seller

I use the custom requests section a lot, but one of the biggest problems with requesting for projects is bots and other people who are quick to say they can do the project for any sum of money. I asked this guy a couple of questions beforehand about PHP, to make sure he could do the task. He had very high reputation and I explained everything I needed done. I figured he was good enough for it, so I went ahead and decided to pay him. However, the second I received the project, it was nothing of what I had asked. I was super confused, and I had no idea how to proceed. Very disappointing. I wrote him several messages explaining that this wasn’t what I had asked for. He pleaded that he now understands what needs to be done, so I told him he has 1 week. He said if I didn’t get what I asked, he would cancel it. Now we have reached the end of a week of the extended deadline, and he has sent me a project that doesn’t even have one PHP file in it. I was furious and explained to him countless times. I disputed the project, and he is refusing to accept the cancellation. What are my options at this point? He has told me he would cancel it and now he is refusing to do it. He keeps asking for me to wait 3 days. I’m not willing to wait anymore. There is a huge language barrier that is preventing him from even understanding what I’m asking.

Hello coolcomfort,

I am sorry that you had to experience this.

I think the best thing to do right now would be to contact CS and let them know that the seller has not delivered what was promised and that despite repeated explanations and revisions, he has not delivered even a single thing you had asked for. Please DON’T forget to attach all the relevant snapshots/files delivered (to prove your point) along with the CS ticket.

I have heard of many cases where CS readily sides with the buyer (especially when there is a legitimate reason) and cancels the order for them. So, you should, hopefully, not have any problem. I hope you get your money (sans the service fee) refunded to you.

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

You can contact CS as suggested, tell them everything (do try to be brief, though), and send them screenshots (they can look it up on their own, but you’ll make it easier for them if you send them relevant screenshot).

The other option, if you’re willing to part with your money, would be to accept the order and leave an honest feedback.

Sorry to hear this…,
I agree with everyone else, you should contact CS immediately.

Fiverr CS is more pro to buyer than seller…,
They should be able to help you regarding this matter…,