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Worst Experience Ever!

Hello All,
I just want to share my Today’s Story, what happened is A Buyer came and without even asking me for my Services or anything just Ordered my Services Unknowingly.
when I got Notification about the Order, I messaged him that I don’t provide those Services, as he was asking for an Animated Video and I just design Slideshows using Pictures and Music.
so he decided to cancel the Order, I apologized him that I cant Cancel the Order because of Fiverr Worst Policies, my gig ranking will drop, my account will get penalized and I will have to see the Consequences, not the Buyer. He made a Complain and Fiverr dropped my Level back to Beginner (which I got and Levelled up this month on 15 sept) without any warning or notification. :smiley: is this an Internation Platform?
I suffered because of his mistake and he will go away with his money.
I lost my level, I lost my gig rankings, I wasted my time, and I lost my reputation.
this is FIVERR, so I would advise everyone not to work 24hrs here, as they can take you down without any solid reason.


You might also lost your access to the forum on the basis of making post against Fiverr policies.


i dont care, if they are doing bad to us (sellers) i wont stay silent.
i will raise voice, on facebook, youtube and other social platforms too ( if needed)


Sometimes you should mention what you don’t do in your gig description.

WARNING: This gig is NOT for animated videos, I just design slideshows using pictures and music.

WARNING: I don’t design T-shirts, I just write headlines for them.

No Alcohol, No Adult Content, No Payday Loans.

Every seller has gotten at least one order by mistake, and no buyer has a duty to contact a seller. They can order right away if they want.

That’s very unlikely. The Fiverr moderators will punish you only for the most egregious cases, and most punishments are temporary, it’s unlikely you’ll get banned from the forum forever.


I have been fighting this same issue for months. I have had a terrible time with buyers not reading the ad or following instructions, but will randomly order something beyond my gig scope. I have had to cancel 6 orders just in the last 2 months alone in my year on the platform. Fiverr should have an acceptance button from the seller before some random buyer comes in to wreck the day and cause a cancellation due to the buyers negligence anyway. Not only does it put a bad taste in the buyers mouth when you cant magically perform what you dont do, it puts a bad taste in the sellers as well where they can run to the other freelancing platforms and give that 20% to them instead of being protected as a freelancer. Without sellers, there can be no buyers, and we dont want to continue to be scammed by bad buyers. Fiverr has an F with the BBB and an F with the FTC due to their misunderstanding of what a freelancer is and what an employee is. They are confused. Freelancers can decline a project if they cant perform it, but not on Fiverr. They treat you as an employee with their rating systems and no way to cancel the bad client. Ive been harassed and abused by buyers on the system as well. Fiverr tolerates that too, so beware, Fiverr is not here to help you, they are strictly a buyers platform and take your 20%. I do well, its a side gig, my SEO on Google gets me gigs, regardless of their algorithm, and I never promote, but I still feed them 20%.


I totally agree with you. In July I had a customer who did not give any revsions for two weeks avoiding my questions several time but did accept extension of delivry.As I was going on holiday asked him to cancel due to his strange behaviour, that he accepted. After that he actually asked for paying what I did so make a new offer on it so he could have copyrights to what I had done sofar. All good but on August 15 I was demoted from L2 to L1.
Next order I applied for and got did not work out as the customer never told me that his video that he wanted edited was DRM/protected, so I had to tell him to ask for cancellation, because I could not break the code, besides it would have been illegal action. So now I was on Sep15 demoted to from L1 to L0 and probably because of delivery% being low. Starting Sep 15 I\m not able to see any offer request, although I have 7 gigs in 5 categories and about 80 delivieris since April 2016 and 62 5/star reviews.
I found in community this thread

Among other things it says:
”If you are a new seller or have been demoted to level 0, you may not see available Buyer Requests. This depends on your gig category or categories, how many BR has been released recently and Fiverr policy.”
I cannot help if I have had customers that things don’t work with,
I have always opened a ticket explaining the reasons for cancellations, but they are only referring to there algorithm system. The lack of using common sense instead of categorically punishing the seller for every cancellation results in losing money both for Fiverr and the seller.
I have done nothing wrong and explained myself on recent two cancellations in my tickets. I have received great reviews, and find it hard to believe how cruel your system is.
If they cannot take critics without banning or censoring the one telling the truth then there is no future for me over here, I’m not going to continue, knowing that whenever a cancellation case occurs I’m subject for demotion actions. This platform may work with algorithms with people that aim at working on simple gig 5-10 USD and having many of them, not for those that want to work on fewer custom complicated high-priced gigs.


its amazing that fiverr is maybe running for buyers only, each and every seller here is having problems with current system.
leave the current system a side, can anyone tell me whats my fault in this? if a person orders my services unknowingly and then asks to cancel why my profile gets de-ranked, destroyed, the profile I worked on day and night, gets finished because of someone else’s mistake.
this is Justice of the Great Americans.

While I agree with some of your points, it might be worth noting that Fiverr is based in Israel. :wink:


so we will have to warn others?
and what if someone hasnt written that warning note? is he commiting some crime?
is getting a strange order some kind of crime, that you get punished for that?

I wouldn’t stay if this was happening to me repeatedly.

IMO, this is where you should have stopped. He chose to cancel the order and you should have left it at that.

This is where you made your mistake. If what you have said happened in the order that you state, there was no reason to give further apologies after you told him that you could not provide the service. Not only that, but you went on with a whiny excuse why you couldn’t cancel, and he had already canceled. I understand how you felt, but to customers that type of extended explanation is off-putting. It sounds like the seller is not supporting the company. Some buyers don’t like that, even if they have felt that way about their own companies.

Sometimes they feel like you are bad-mouthing the company behind its back, even if what you are saying is true. You provided inside info about company operations, which is not the business of buyers. As you discovered in this situation, the buyer did not take it lightly. They really don’t want to hear all of that. It also sounds bad to buyers when you are using the platform to sell services, but whining about company policies.

I’m sorry that happened to you, but please think about what I have said. It may help you to avoid this situation in the future, no matter from which website you work. Good luck to you!


i saw and understood what you said. but dont you think, fiverr should re-think over their policies? they are pushing the sellers away?
you said twice or thrice that i made a mistake, and i should have cancelled the order, can you tell me who was going to suffer in that case?
offcourse ME!
the only mistake i was doing is i am working on FIVERR and offering my services

Hi,one of simple solutions for avoiding the cancellation is outsourcing.if u don’t know something .it’s better to hand over that work to somebody who knows.

yes maybe, as one has to tackle their policies one way or the other

This is an appallingly bad idea. If the buyer cancels, sellers end up losing their already cleared funds, as well as their level, rank, and more.

The easiest way to ‘fix’ Fiverr, would be to give buyers the option to cancel orders which they have placed in error. Expecting sellers to compensate for basic UI flaws by paying with their own shopping balance is grossly unreasonable.


Wot u mean,u can’t do the outsourcing on fiverr.who says

Every body says what ever they wants to say, Fiverr’s policies are not clear so people can define them as they want.

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I am very sorry aboutwhat happened, it must have been very irritating. Fortunately you were good enough to snap back very quickly, so well done! Anyway, Karma always works trust me, if you know what I mean :wink:

i just levelled up few days back, and today just because of someone else’s mistake i lost the level.
this is FIVERR and their Policies.
anyone can blackmail and destroy your Hardwork, and Dedication within an Hour!

Wow! If this is your worst experience ever then you don’t really have much to complain about.
Had one of these cancellations on a $100 order recently and while it was annoying, I had moved on with my life within 3 minutes.
There are always gonna be these kinda niggly things, they are not worth getting so wound up over.

I don’t believe that you lost your level because you cancelled this order.


you dont beleive maybe because you are going good on fiverr and fiverr forum!
should i send some screenshots?

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