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Worst experience ever

This is worst experience I ever had with someone after completing 2500 orders here. So, buyer placed an order few days back and after some problems (getting $10 work done for free) from him side I managed to deliver the order.

Yesterday again I received an order from same buyer. I usually love returning buyers but this time I was not very happy to see him. He placed $25 order and told me what he wanted me to do. According to his “extras” demand he should have placed $35 order instead of $25.

I told him total cost and sent a $10 “custom offer” along with my message. Additionally, he wanted me deliver work within 5 hours for which I quoted but I decided not to send a custom offer for this as I wanted him to reply first. He gave no response at all. When there was no time left to work on project I asked for mutual cancellation but then he ordered $10 more and started asking for delivering product immediately.

Now I am not at my workplace and this guy is not ready to cancel the order. When I requested mutual cancellation he replied and said “I didn’t like the rush quotation so I didn’t reply to your message “let us know”. Non reply meant I didn’t like the extras.”

So, why he asked for all these things? How will I get to know what he wanted me to do?

My order is now getting ridiculously late as he is not cancelling it. I think soon I will get penalized for it and there is nothing I can do as even if I go to support they will take around 2-7 days to get back to me. By that time I will get an automatic “negative feedback” for not delivering on time.

Any suggestions? What should I do?

I would suggest going ahead and letting CS know that you’ve offered mutual cancellation several times, and if he should penalize you for being late, they may actually take it off. Might be a couple of days but making them aware of the situation - that you’ve tried to work with the buyer and this buyer refuses to work within your requirements and is overly demanding - they ought to take off the negative review.

You need to promote your service through facebook, twitter, linkedin. Setup a facebook account, join fiverr groups, create a fan page and showcase your gigs. Socialize on FB and Twitter. If it’s a service someone wants they will eventually buy. But, like any business, it takes time and continued effort to make things start. Don’t give up.

What are you even talking about?
You don’t have any idea what you are replying to…

I think you pasted this under wrong post.

Thank You for advice. As expected I got penalized and I contact CS regarding this.

Hi Rahul,
If I were you, I would rather live with it; will deliver the job for the paid price just to avoid the aftermath, but would politely ask the buyer to pay the difference (with least expectation). Though its completely unfair on buyers part not to pay the fair price and push the seller to perform far beyond the call of duty with unrealistic parameters and time frame.

I too have been a victim of such ‘opportunists’ many times, the worst situation was when I was forced to do a 50 dollar job for just a fiverr. As a new seller I could not afford bad rating just in the beginning.

On the other hand there are buyers who are prestigious and value your hard work, A gentleman, for example, paid me double as per my listed price, when I offered him compensation for the excess amount, his reply was that he has paid what he thinks should be a fair-price for the good work.

I felt being ‘healed’ by knowing that these good buyers outnumber the ‘culprits’.
Though I still have to bear tricky buyers once in a while but I consider such financial losses as overhead expense :slight_smile:

I wish all the Fiverr sellers best of luck and a prosperous future :slight_smile:

Kind regards,
(Asim Jalal)

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