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Worst Experience Here--By Far

Today, I had my first 1-star review because of an order that “wasn’t delivered on time”.

Here’s the rundown as to what had happened:
I got an order from a buyer here on Fiverr while I was on vacation, but not on vacation mode. I quickly sent a quick response without looking at the requirements section just to make sure the buyer was updated until I had access to the documents, I was mainly using mobile to send messages and at the time I got his order I believe I was either sleeping or traveling.
Then, roughly 12 hours later, I got the chance to check out what he needed me to do. He provided little to no information and gave me three words of information “app-radar warning”(That is the exact phrase he used and did not provide any additional documents or information I could have used to write the script). As soon as I noticed this, I sent him a message explaining that I needed more information and waited about an hour for a response.
Then, after he failed to reply, even though I believe he was online at the time, I decided to send a request to increase the delivery time because I did not have enough information BEFORE the order was marked as late, which he declined and then sent a message asking what other information I needed while I was sleeping. Then, as I was going through my inquiry and figuring out what I needed to do today and responding to my messages, he canceled the order.

I sent a similar message as to that ^^ to Customer Service and they told me that there was nothing that they could do to get rid of the rating, which I was expecting, I was just making sure it didn’t have the possibility of being resolved. They also said to, in the future, send a request to extend the delivery time(the first time they messaged me, which I replied by telling them that I already had) and then the second to try to cancel the order if I was unsure about being able to finish it–all basic Fiverr Etiquette.

I wish that Fiverr had something put in place that when an order is in dispute, the countdown clock stops, because how are you supposed to know if you still need to do the project or not? What if the buyer declines your request for whatever it is and then you are forced to do a terrible job on the work or receive a 1-star rating for not delivering it?

Overall, I’m just really annoyed that I can receive a 1-star review for an order that the buyer clearly did not supply enough information for. Well, it’s only one out of about 55, so I think I should be okay. I just hope this doesn’t scare off other buyers.


On a more happy note, I’m almost to 100 completed orders and $1k profit here on Fiverr! Once the orders I have delivered are completed and I finish some in my queue, I should be there! :gift: :tada:


You should have gone on vacation mode by using the vacation button. sorry though for the 1- star Rating it happen some times, cheer up and move on better things lies ahead. :smiley:

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I was on vacation mode for the first day or two of the trip and then I switched it off the last day to let the impressions and views pick back up. I’ve heard Horror Stories about what happens once somebody switches on Vacation Mode. Thank you, though! I’m pretty much over it now that I’ve had a whole day to cool off.


Very good! :slight_smile:

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Thank you! hjagfwuiefhd 20 characters ahudjksjkhfks


That’s unfortunate, and the buyer is a seller too! I wonder what information he expects from clients!
Im not sure if it is possible to review the buyer after a “late cancellation” but if it is then I would suggest you explain the situation calmly and concisely - not annoyed. If not then simply forget about it and move on, although from your PS it seems like you have already.
Great to hear how far you have come in just a few months too!


@braden10collins You are an awesome young man. I very rarely comment on your threads, but love reading your success stories. You´ve got all them attitudes needed to be a successful enterprenuer and I am sure you will keep learning more to sharpen your claws. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Eoin, I wish that was a feature, but it isn’t. It would really help to be able to explain what had happened in a short review, but I don’t think that it is possible.

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Thank you! It really means a lot to be able to get praise from near strangers to me who are A LOT higher up in the social and professional status than myself. I hope I can live up to your expectations and I will try to keep adding weapons to my armory of business. Thanks again!


There are lots of bad experiences on this site. I lost out on $327 from one order because Fiverr never gave me a chance to defend myself in a dispute. The buyer sent their complaint to CS and they just canceled the order without even telling me there was a dispute to begin with. I just log on and see the order was canceled and that the funds were refunded. The funny thing is that buyer left me 5 stars.

Are you sure this was a normal cancellation or was it a Paypal dispute? If so it is up to you to contact CS and make your case.

CS never said it was a PayPal dispute. And yes, I made my case but only after the order was canceled without my approval. They still sided with the buyer.

Sorry about that. What I think you should have done was to look into what the client needed to get done ASAP the moment you got the order alert.

Fiverr CS can’t do much in this type of situation.

Don’t worry! I’ll be placing another order with you shortly!


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