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Worst experience I am facing now

I am a level 2 seller and I dint have any negative review till now! After dec 15, I got very few orders. I thought it was bcoz of christmas and holidays! But now its jan15 but still I dint receive any orders from new buyers!


This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR


@picvidpro from how many years you are working on Fiverr?

@designambience 2 and a half years!

Just wait one or two weeks more. Hope you will get you order again


Any reason behind this?

Are you saying that you got a negative review and your sales stopped?
Or that sales simply stopped for no known reason in December?
(it is not clear)

More info would help

@benedictrm No…read again… I said " I have no negative review"… yes! the sales simply stopped for no known reason from December

@lloydsolutions provided you with an amazing article by @eoinfinnegan that may help you understand what’s happening and what you can do to counter it.

Did you take the time to read it?

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Reads as “I didn’t have any negative reviews, until now” as in I just got a negative review and therefore everything after, the quiet spell, is a result of this negative review. Especially seeing you put that under a Subject that reads “Worst experience I am facing now” which indicates something terrible happened - like that negative review you allude to in words (if not intent).

The words we choose and how we put them together are extremely important. Just as:

reads as you putting me down for not knowing exactly what you said because you are super clear and therefore I am stupid for not understanding you perfectly.

Not a happy occurrence seeing you just insulted a person trying to help you - as requested above.

So, if nothing else, maybe you can take from this that your communication could use a little bit of a spit polish.



There are two types of review. One you can see and one that buyers feedback to Fiverr (that you cannot see)… so you can have negative reviews you don’t know of.

I think it is one of those “rotating” things that many people were talking about, Fiverr moved you “behind” to give “newcomers” a chance to grow.

Wait a week or two, it will improve.


Sorry! I did not mean to insult or hurt you!


Can you share your profile? Because I joined Fiverr since 2015 and I know there are lots of ups & down on this platform. I have to see your profile first. Thanks. Here is my profile

Please send me your Dashboard screenshot.

How can you possibly diagnose his profile by asking for all this info?

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@frank_d Maybe he had a mistake on the Order completion or Delivered Time… All I just want from him a screenshot of dashboard info which is situated on the left side (maybe anyone can figure out the problem). No other intentions.

I’m sure the OP can tell if their metrics are green or red, just fine on their own.

I don’t think you had malicious intent, all I am saying is that you can’t possibly help them by looking at their dashboard.

The OP seems to be frustrated because they thought Fiverr would always bring them buyers, no matter what.

The OP needs to realize that’s not the case and pivot, all on their own.