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Worst Experience on Fiverr Ever

I recently started a not-for-profit and was looking for someone to create a Facebook page to raise awareness about the organization and build momentum for a Pledge Campaign we were just initiating.

I ordered a gig with a guy based out of Trinidad and Tobago with the user name ********. I did not really like his style of communicating but this was a simple task to move through so I tolerated it…

Some people are so predictable.

Very predictable

I went to the supermarket this morning and the girl on the counter didn’t smile OR even look me in eye and say hello as she was scanning my groceries. I know, unbelievable right? That said, it was a pretty small order and I decided to let it go UNTIL she suddenly just stopped scanning my groceries to take a phone call!

Now I get that this phone call might have been super important. However, I’m a very busy man. Every minute I have to spend dealing with inconsiderate people like this is a minute I could be using to set up cadaverous scams dressed up as charities on the Internet.

Thankfully, just before leaving the store I had a brainwave. Taking note of the girl’s name tag, I went to the garage next door and bought a can of spray paint. Later then, I used this to write “I’M VERY IMPORTANT AND MY DAY WAS RUINED TODAY BY A GIRL FROM ITALY WHO DOESN’T SPEAK MUCH & WHO IS CALLED *********” on all the most visible surfaces around the town where I live.

  • Of course, I can’t actually write the girls name here due these pesky stars, but that’s okay, the police came and have removed most of my warnings to other supermarket users now anyway.

In any case, I feel your pain. It’s a cruel world out there and all people like us can do is stick together and hope that somehow, somewhen, everything will start going our way finally.

I’m confused? who had the worst experience. Was it you or the seller.

Probably the seller. :smiley:

The horror!

You’re right this is the worst experience on Fiverr Ever, me actually reading this and thinking that’s a few seconds of my life I will never get back…

I’m quite tempted to tell her, guys.

Oh, do tell :smiley:

No reason to hold back.

the reason why people have bad experiences is because they do not ask the right questions before purchasing a gig and they are always looking to go with the cheapest option. if you pay peanuts then your work will also be peanuts.