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Worst experience on fiverr so far in terms of behavior of client

So far the worst experience i have faced on fiverr in terms of behavior of buyers, simple conversation randomly changed into bombing, but I do not think i did any thing wrong on purpose to that client.
Buyers we do not know with how many sellers are u engaged with at a time but most possible scenario is that we are also in the process of stream lining our sales. So do not get rude for just receiving a comment like “waiting”.

You should have typed your last messsage in one message not like 3 diiffernet message before he said keep waiting. Happens bro don’t loose hope :slight_smile: You didnt did anything wrong at all

It seems clear that this person only wanted to get one or two photos edited and this “test photo” was all they wanted done. Consider this. They could have 100 photos and send a different one to each seller saying the same thing. Next time someone asks you for samples point them to your order page or send them a sample that is heavily watermarked so they cannot use it.

I agree. This buyer just had one photo he wanted retouched and got you to do it free. Do not do a free sample using someone’s work. Ask them to pay you first. I am so sorry you had this happen. You seem so nice. But this is how we learn.

Don’t offer free samples, use your portfolio with before/after snaps to show off whatever. A sample shouldn’t be custom unless you’re being paid for it, and it certainly shouldn’t be taking you hours!

And yes, I concur with @markp on the “test photos” done using a selection of sellers willing to “show off” their services for free then “cancelling the order” for minor infractions. Perhaps a little giddy power trip to throw in there, too?

All in all, this is a bit of a goof up on your behalf. Never mind–you’ve learned a lesson and will be able to avoid this particular species of buyer in future by simply telling them that you do not offer free samples, but for $5 or whatever, you’ll be happy to give a test photo a makeover.

(If the buyer wants to scam you they will suddenly disappear at this point, and you have gained 2 hours of your life back! More if you include the time spent on this forum complaint, as well as creating and uploading the screenshots etc)

Well to be perfectly honest if after 45 minutes I got a “waiting for your response”, I’d be put off too. I’m not sure I’d be offering free samples either. Sorry you feel burned :confused:

@emmaki yes indeed that was a lesson for me, and your suggestion are a gem for me, learnt a lot from my mistake.

I agree that under no circumstances should anyone say “waiting for your response” but it’s not a big deal if they do, and not enough to get free work or become abusive.

I think the seller was just being over enthusiastic, he certainly did not mean to come across as rude.