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Worst experience with a buyer for my voice tag service

I just had the worst experience with a buyer, to some it might not seem so bad but someone placed a order for a voice tag and I did it as requested then they asked for a revision so I gave them one following the instructions. After that they asked for another revision and sent me a vocal reference to follow, I followed it exactly how it sounded then I was asked for another revision saying they wanted it to sound like a kids voice. Nowhere in my gig did I say I could do this and I spent so much time trying to get this order right, in the end I sent a cancel request. I feel like people like that are just mean and don’t know what they want themselves, what’s your thoughts?


Well, I think you shouldn’t have sent an invitation to cancel the order. You did the original work, you deserve to get paid for that work. In the end, though, you basically chose to give away your work for free, and invalidate all the work you had already done.

You should have stood your ground, gave the buyer nothing for free (i.e., gave him only as many revisions as your gig allows), and then NOT have given him his money back.


I agree with @jonbaas.

Here’s what I do in this situation: I politely remind the buyer that what they are seeking is not in the scope and I explain why.

Then I give them an ultimatum, politely: I say I can either add a resolution to the order to add-on what they are seeking, specifying the terms and price of the add-on; or I can re-deliver the order as-is. Then I ask the buyer which option they’d like to choose.


They would have left me a 1 star review so I would rather cancel then get that you know?

I just didn’t want a bad review you can tell with people sometimes what they will do if they don’t get there way

So, instead of keeping what you worked hard to earn, and maybe getting a 1-star review (which you can respond to and offer clarification on), you would rather do a lot of work, and refund the order, so that the buyer gets everything for free… and you get nothing?

Unfortunately, you lost the most in that situation, and you chose to lose everything – so, it doesn’t seem like you can complain, since your actions put you in the situation you are complaining about.

I say these things, not to be rude, but to point out how backwards many sellers seem to view Fiverr. You’re here to earn income, right? Not everyone will be 100% happy. You did the work – and you did it well, you should be be paid for that work, right? Giving that money back because you’re afraid of a 1-star review doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Stand up for your work, and your worth. Choosing not to do so, will only encourage more buyers – like that guy – to seek you out, and take advantage of you as well (because they know you’ll just refund anytime they cause you problems).


Thanks for the comments

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Yeah. I’ve taken an L before. It hurts for a little bit, but you’re always better off because of it. The majority of my orders are just big $100+ ones, so I never know if I’m going to get enough to make up for a cancellation, which isn’t at all worth risking.

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Never let someone exploit you.

These people prey on the threat of a bad review and use that to manipulate.

I am new here so I am learning that

I think reviews shouldn’t be more than 1 per gig. There needs to be a contract that buyers sign which gives them every right to take as much time as they need clarifying what they want. And then offers one revision. If that doesn’t satisfy their need for perfection, they forfeit the cash.

Basically, the buyer got 2x of what they didn’t pay for here. It feels good enough that they’ll do it with another seller. Maybe with the same returned proceeds.

Yeh, I really tried my best I feel like he was just looking for a free service, he was like at one stand “I like it but it’s not perfect”