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Worst Experience with a Buyer

Do you have any worst experience with the Buyer?
It’s happened to me yesterday. I’ve hired a job for facebook pixel from a Buyer (he is a seller also). I completed the job successfully & delivered but he refused to accept the delivery for the reason I’ve done nothing, he told me all the problem he solved. If he will solve the problem then why hire me? Note that he tried to solve this several times, but he was not successful. I’ve sent all the screenshot of the work but he didn’t accept the delivery. Finally, I’ve canceled the order.

If you have any experience like this, you can share with us.


Why? The bad experiences of other sellers are not going to help you become a better seller. You cancelled this order – the situation is concluded. I’m not sure what you hope to get out of “our experiences” at this point.

We can learn from other seller’s bad experience to keep us safe from these buyer.

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Why did you cancel? You should have not done this but instead waited for the order to be accepted or manually complete. IF your buyer then left a review, you could say:

Horrible experience. This person seems to outsource their own work on Fiverr to sellers like me. In this case, I completed the task, only to be told this person didn’t need my help anymore. Beware working with them.

This review would appear on their profile and counter any negative review they left you.

When you cancel an order, you are the one giving yourself a horrible experience. You simply need to stand up for yourself.