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Worst experience with buyer!

I got a buyer yesterday, before ordering he did not send me the script. After he listened to my previous samples he agreed to work with me.
After placing the order buyer wants free commercial right and unlimited revisions which I did not offer! More over the buyer did not gave me clear instructions! And when i delivered the order he marked the disputes, i did the whole 14 minute audio again as per his requirements still it was not okay with him. Also he wanted to change the script and said i had to do whatever he says. When i denied and marked his faults, he is canceling the order. I just don’t want to cancel this! I worked so hard both times!
Buyer requested mutual cancelation, i declined. Now he is not responding. Will the order be complete in 3 days?
Or what else i can do?
Any thoughts?


It should autocomplete in 3 days, yes.

I would recommend reporting the buyer for their behaviour.


But he is claiming that i have made mistakes which i don’t. Will it be helpful to report him? I’m just worrying about bad review!

When the order completes they’ll be able to leave a review, and judging by how they’ve acted so far, it will most likely be a 1* review.

You can try asking CS to remove it when that happens, but I’m not sure you’ll be successful. Your other option is to cancel the order.

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Only if the review violates the ToS. If not, they typically say that the review reflects the overall experience that the buyer had, and that they can’t change it.


Don’t worry about a bad review. The buyers who matter take reviews with a grain of salt. And you can reply to the review with your side of the story, which buyers also see.

A competent buyer knows to consider that reviews may be biased and manipulative.

Also, by the sound of this buyer, his review will be irrational and lack credibility. If he makes up lies, rebut in your response.

Sorry this happened to you. Definitely report him but be more succinct and stick to how he broke the ToS. If you write a long, emotional post like this to CS they probably won’t help you. You must be succinct and stick to the facts.


Thank you so much, I’ll contact CS