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Worst Experience with the Buyer and No protection even from fiverr

Hello Everyone,

I have an offer from a guy to create Facebook page with cover image.So I tried hard to do it as quick as possible. Completed and submitted the job but the client rejected as he don’t understand the basic difference between a facebook page and a profile. Also he wants a link to be injected or placed on the business name on Facebook which is next to impossible for anyone. I made him understand and clearly told him about everything. So he told me to deliver the project and said he couldn’t understand or something like that but I can deliver. After delivering he again rejected and created a dispute and started harrasing me. I took the help from Fiverr support and they keep on telling me to make him understand and when I got up this morning I saw the order cancelled and the money has been refunded to the Buyer. So is it a joke, though my amount is less but for everyone in this network and being a professional I would like to know if you complete a job and the buyer get the benefits and you get nothing so what’s the use of such networks.It’s better to deal on upwork or Freelancer or some other network where you can get protection as an employer and as a worker.

Really a bad experience and I am not gonna accept any order from now till the date fiverr changes its policy.


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Well sad to hear that but to avoid such type of collisions and confusions you must create a requirement list and clear everything from the beginning so this way you won’t have such problem you have faced may be the buyer weren’t technical person which lead this to cancellation… But if you would have such instructions in your requirement list of the order this thing wouldn’t happened… Instead of leaving the platform for the reason try fill up the gap and space…

Fiverr is simply awesome but you have to understand each and everything…

Upwork and freelancer isn’t good as fiverr is… Mark My Words.


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Totally agree,

Although I’m new seller on Fiverr, I have a wide experience with the customers. at some point and with certain customers we need to guide them, create check list or requirement list. Communication is the key.

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Completely agree with you! :cry:

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In future, create an FAQ in your gig which describes exactly what you can and cannot do, and refer buyers to it.


Did you respond to the dispute? if no, then I guess that’s why the order was automatically cancelled and money returned to the buyer. You would have rejected the dispute and redeliver the same job. Worst case scenario you will get a negative review. That is why its not advisable to offer unlimited revisions.

The dispute from client to cancel the order was declined from my end and
replied even.

And it is some basic knowledge that everyone should know that Facebook is
not customisable.