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Worst experience :(


Hi fiverr members!
I’ve been active here since March 2017, Sending offers to buyers but no response even no chats! :frowning: Suffering from a very tough competition.


Competition is a part of any business. What actions are you taking to be better than your competition. If you’re not doing anything to be better than your competition, than that would be why you have no orders.


I would say competition is what makes us better, like the previous person said, see what they are doing and do it better, offer something unique or extra, give that personal touch a buyer would only get if they came to you :wink: Good luck


Hi @gfxdzyner ,

I understand it’s harder to stay for long time without getting orders. But I think you need to continue sending offers to potential buyers and staying active (online). Also please analyze your message when you sent offers it’s important to be careful and to offer best offer and explain why you’re offering it and what will you do and on few points how you can solve their problem.

And continue adding new services and making your gigs more interesting so people will be interested on them.

And remember sometimes is more important how you offer and not what you offer :slight_smile:

Thank you


Your flyer gig prices are too expensive, and offering unlimited revisions is a mistake. Also, each portfolio sample should show one flyer, not three. People can’t judge the quality of your work otherwise. You should search “flyer” and learn from your top competitors.

Your banner design gig has no portfolio samples, and it looks desperate with 1 day delivery and unlimited revisions.

Your data entry gig is also a bit unbelievable:
3 hours work + unlimited revisions + 24 hrs delivery ($5)
8 hours work + unlimited revisions + 24 hrs delivery ($10)
20 Hours of Work ($20)

First of all, Fiverr doesn’t pay per hour, it pays per project. How is a buyer supposed to know how long it will take you? It’s none of his business.

Besides, data entry and web research are two separate things, each one should be their own gig.

Anyway, good luck to you.


I have been here since September 12 and I am making my sales despite the tough competition in the gigs I offer. One advice, promote your gigs off Fiverr and I promise you gonna get sales if you do it the right way.


Work on tag line of your gig and make them attractive as much as you can, Hope so it will work also keep trying. Best of luck


I signed up for Fiverr in 2015 but got my first order in 2017 and Admittedly i made so many mistakes. Here is how i improved my gigs and got myself my first order. Hope it helps you

  1. Stay Active. Even if you do not have any orders stay active on fiverr. It wont do much harm to keep a tab dedicated for fiverr all the time.

  2. Fiverr lets you have upto 7 Active Gigs when you’re a new seller (not sure if its the same after the update) what i was doing wrong is only i had 2 Active gigs. It was wrong. I used all 7 Active Gigs.

  3. Stick to what you know best. Considering my skills i can do Web, Data Entry and Video Services and i put it all on there. It was a bad idea. It was later when i replaced all my gigs to Video Services. Then my profile started to look more organized.

  4. MOST IMPORTANTLY Never sell yourself. This is somewhat the best advice a Top Rated Seller here gave me. Because i started fresh i had all my gigs in $5. Then i had a TRS review my profile and he told me you are offering WAY TOO MUCH for such a small price. It gives people impression that your Quality may not be as good. So Properly evaluate your gig. I never had any order when i set all my gigs for $5. I changed all of them to $10 that s when i got my first order.

Hope these tips help you they surely helped me.



Hi everyone, I really appreciate your kind advises. Many thanks to all! :slight_smile:


Oops! :smile:
Thank you so much sir!


Just a wild guess here … When you send offers, make sure your spelling (& grammar) are good. Some buyer’s decision to respond may be partially affected by a seller’s communication (we communicate here through written words, right ?).
Again, this is respective to an individual person. But, nonetheless, the ideal way is using correct spelling (& grammar).
Travelling a bit further than this concern, after a buy / sell order gets fulfilled, one of the feedback criteria that Fiverr itself gives, is an option to rate “Communication” and hence I am directly implying that communication does play a partial role. And the communication here happens through written words and written words may change even the meaning of a statement or sentence. Hence, as per Fiverr also, correct grammar and spelling while communicating is recommended.


Oops! I will keep an eye on these mistakes.
Thank you.


Nothing could be far educative then your post. Excellent. I need an advice as well. How can i put my portfolio images in gig, working in tech and programming.


You can do screenshot. Maybe one screenshot can be the code you wrote, another screenshot can be of a website or app you programmed. You should consider making a gig video, you don’t have to speak, it can be images and subtitles or supers that describe what you do, what software you know, etc.


Thank you for your advice.