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Worst experience

buyer keep on clicking on modification requires and keep begging for refund. even if i done the work on time?

Is this the same guy in the MY Friend Has a Problem thread?

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In this case, it sounds like you have not done what was asked and do not know how to do it.

Refund them now before they report you to Fiverr.

Also, shut down one of your accounts before you get banned for breaking the rules

The thing is - you say this is your “worst experience”.
That is exactly what the buyer is saying too.

  • He asked you to do something.
  • You did something else which is not the same thing.
  • He told you that what you did was useless and to do what he asked.
  • Now you are saying that what he wanted does not exist when it clearly does.
    Stop wasting the buyer’s time.

If you ask in each of your various accounts you may arrive at the answer to this. I am guessing you have more than just two?

Just give him a refund! I don’t usually tell sellers to do that but in this case he probably deserves it.

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My 6th sense say yes, no, maybe. Strong Y!

Goodness, gracious. The plot thickens!


I’m confused what exactly happened here :no_mouth: But if you are in fact doing what other posters say you are, it’s important that you STOP that now before you get banned.

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hey hey what are you all talks about … if anyone here to discuss this thread then will do some good for me???

Give him a refund. That’s the answer.


Nice try - you are one of the very few people who sell ER diagrams and you suddenly appeared when your “friend” was caught out lying.
I gave you great advice - take it or don’t but dont keep posting the same thing.


OK, I’ll play your game. What kinda order was it? A logo, graphic, diagram, VO, translation? Can you shed some more :bulb: on the situation, please?


The guy from the other thread had way better English :thinking:

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Sounds like what I do.

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