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Worst experience?

Hey guys.
Did you have all one worst customer in all your experience?
I just got it, it was simple to edit, did for her video edit, each revision for her to reply to me it took 2 days, so all the time late order.
So now I finished and she gave me a 1-star rating? :open_mouth:
Will it affect me in future, since I have all of my reviews 74 of them 5 stars and 2 of them are 4.7 and 4.9 and that ladies 1 star?
If it would be so terrible would you accept then 70 USD order and mark it as completed? (it means she liked it ) but gave me terrible review. :smiley:

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I don’t think it will affect you :wink:
You have a lot of great reviews to cover for this one star rating and you can write your reply on her rating on your page so everyone would also see your side.

Sometimes a professional answer on bad review has more weight than a 5* review


Already did, and thank you so much for a motivation :slight_smile:

Since the review is so short it’s getting sent down in the list of reviews fast in the default sort option (“most relevant”). Sort that, as well as a good response, will make it unlikely to affect your gig much (especially if they go straight to the gig).

Any 4.9 star ratings given by a reviewer might be a bug though, since avg(4,5,5)=4.667 approx.

So it means , i’m alright still ?

I don’t think you should worry much about it. Most likely, people will understand when they see that it is most likely the buyer’s business, unfortunately, no one is safe from such troubles. Most likely it was just not your client.

Definetly it wasnt.
I even woke up at 5 am to make her revision as she asked asap needed.
Did all what she asked, and in the end she told me i work 18h a day and i have no time to check videos i will let you know after 2 days, then order shows 2 days late, after that 2 days she replys with revision then again answers after 2 days when its late order and then again, and like this 5x. I was polite and offered her to extend but she started to be offensive and i just said sorry and be polite in the end it was 70 usd order and she accepted, so she liked it and gave me 1 start awesome :smiley:

Unfortunately. in some clients, freelancers should, in their opinion, do 300% of the work, and endure an unpleasant attitude towards themselves! This is unpleasant, I also encountered similar ones, so this is just a misunderstanding

True, but i am not getting negative or upset, got 99,9% rated as 5 stars. :slight_smile:
It happens in a while.

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Once Martin Luther King said, We must accept finite disappointment. :smiley:
Leave it !

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For sure, cookie for truth
Say hi to Martin

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