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Worst first experience with a potential buyer(new seller)

So finally, after waiting for a week staring at my gigs I finally received a message MY FIRST MESSAGE FOR AN ORDER .Wow I was so excited beyond words thinking this will kickstart my Fiverr career:

  1. A guy messaged me to look at a project he wanted in 11hours. Looked over it and well in 2 minutes received messages like “hot’s going bro?” (calling me bro? I’m a female and my name is clearly stated) threw me off for a bit but ignored and said the time span was short then guess what haha did you check. It should take someone bet 1-2 hrs
    I mean I was polite he was extremely rude I thought we have formal conversations. I politely wrote I do not make commitment I can’t keep.

So is this normal?? Do I have to just ignore and keep taking jobs like this if I get talked to like this?


Just say something like “Sorry, I am not the person for this project”.


No don’t take a job from anyone rude like this. Since this is the internet you will run into all kinds of people and most are nice but sometimes you get a jerk like this so you can say “Please find another seller” and then no need to send him another message no matter what he says.

And of course any seller needs or can ask for at least 24 hours for any order. This person was being a jerk. You can block this person on the fiverr app and I would block him if someone talked to me this way. You may need to develop a thick skin as they are out there.

Also, sometimes I can’t tell from a name what gender a person is due to being in the US and not being familiar with some names. So this might happen to you again but realize that this is the reason, due to this being an international site.
But even so, no one should call anyone “bro”.


The thing is , some people out there think “BEING RUDE IS BEING COOL”


I didn’t know anyone thought being rude is being cool. I thought some people were just immature.


If you work with this person, you will end up feeling so frustrated, undervalued, and horrible about yourself, you will need to roll in stinging nettles or poison ivy to take the pain away.

Lots of decent, worthwhile buyers use Fiverr. The person in your inbox is not one of them.

The good news is that a lot of new sellers do bend over more than your average yoga instructor to please such buyers. - That kills their career. You have spotted that there is a problem early. That says you have what a lot of new sellers lack when it comes to building your career the right way. :wink:


Believe me !! Such creatures EXIST :smile:
But you are right most of them change and are reformed by age ,some by experiences .But some are never ,Like the one you encountered


I don’t know anyone who thinks this.


Expand your circle brother ,you’ll find a lot of them.



See the thing from his prespective, Your name is a Muslim name and might not be clear for him and since you are not using a real profile picture so it would be hard for him to guess, also these days “Bro” has become an alternative word for “friend” so it’s like Gender nutral word these days.
For the time issue, I suggest to clearly convey the buyer how much time it will take at your side to deliver the project, there are some buyers who are in extreme rush and demands the delivery in very short and unrealistic time, these are the people who are not aware about the process and you should clarify these things to them before sending them custom order.

Lastly, my first buyer was also a rude and selfish sort of guy but he gave me 10-12 ordes consecuently so I suggest you to look over this rudeness and see every buyer as a new opportunity to grow.



My circle is a lot more expanded than you could ever imagine. :wink:


Ummmm, have you seen the movie Mean Girls.giphy


Not my kind of movie.


I agree jonbaas, that has no appeal for me.


No, this buyer was just plain rude and really entitled. It isn’t just the use of “bro,” it’s everything else she said. It’s clearly a pattern of a problematic person no one should work with.

However unintended, you’re encouraging people to put up with bad treatment and also excusing bad treatment. A lot of freelancers don’t even realize they’re being exploited because of these kinds of excuses. It’s unhealthy and will NOT help their career. It will hamper it.


These people think that calling someone “Bro” will make them eligible to get a discount. I have been dealing with them for a long time.

They must understand that they come to us to get their job done, not to make any relationships. I can’t even image how do they manage their own businesses? if they call their customers “bro” and etc. $5 gigs are the main target of such people but they are not afraid target high priced gigs.

The second most common word I have experienced is “LOL”. lol I need this done, I can’t accept the offer now lol, etc etc…

The world is flooded with such creatures !!!


They think it’s cool because they’re immature.


I did that but he made fun of me in a weird way for not saying yes.

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Thank you! I didn’t know we could block sellers. Not knowing a gender is okay but bro was weird.

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Thank you! I feel better for saying No. I kept thinking if I did the wrong thing by rejecting my first ever order :slight_smile: