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Worst Gig Ever. Trust Me

Sorry to hear that this has happened to you, I can understand you feeling upset about what’s transpired here.

You would have done some due diligence of this seller prior to ordering. What were their previous reviews like? What was their portfolio of previous work like? How was the communication prior to ordering? Did you come away from conversations confident that the seller could complete such important work for you, and communicate effectively with you?

And if you don’t mind me asking, where did this seller sit on the price scale? I’m guessing you would have seen sellers offering services for anywhere from $5 to several hundreds of dollars for website work. Were they are the lower end, mid-point, high-end etc?


Well the reviews were ok. He had a 4.8 rating. I wish i had read them all because i would have discovered that 60% of his reviews were from 1 profile. Being that i didnt know myself how much this job could cost i reached out to about 4 different people. His price was probably the average as i had higher and lower quotes. He just seemed very keen and responsive whereas the others seemed ‘busy’ with other work and i just desperately wanted the work done so i could get my site live.

It was after i paid that i started to notice issues. Just silly little things like had set the price to be discounted rather than increased even after we had discussed the increase in huge detail so i noticed we were having difficulties in communication. 3 weeks in i was getting frustrated and then he mentioned ‘manual’ entry so then i was confused why an excel expert would need to be manually adding the data and not using automations/formulas. I dont know. He was just as frustrated though. So then he started getting angry and telling me i should appreciate this for the price i paid. Told me he was tired of this job and he wasnt getting paid enough. He delivered 3 times and all 3 times it wasnt correct. He was just trying to get this job over with so the quality got poorer and poorer.

Im now back at square one :pensive: a whole month wasted and a loss of potential sales…and i honestly feel so traumatised by his way of talking to me and how he accessed my website without any fear of consequence that I dont wanna work with anyone else…especially if i have to give out login details.

But i need to because i cant do it myself :pensive:


Yes correct. All that work and the job was cancelled by customer service and i was refunded so out of frustration he did this. Fiverr did act in good faith but it was after that when he accessed my website admin and did what he did. That’s a seperate issue and it should be dealt with. He has breached so many regulations doing that. And im pretty sure hes committed a crime. He works under the name of Fiverr. If i went to the supermarket and an employee stole my bag for example then that supermarket would have a share of responsibility for that persons actions.

Thanks. I thought it was moderated so just hoped someone might pick it up :frowning: ah well. Hopefully customer service cone back to me soon.

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The forum is moderated, but the moderators are volunteers (and Fiverr sellers), not Fiverr employees.


Aaah right okay. Thanks for the info x

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That’s a horrible situation to be in and how scary that someone could access your website without your permission.

It looks like he just didn’t understand what he will be requested to do and was just desperate to get an order. We get a lot of stories here on the forum to be honest where sellers ready to jump to any work offered even if they can’t do it.

However as I understand he didn’t touch anything else apart from the products he uploaded, right?

He did the job (even if poorly), you got to leave a review and still get your refund so it’s only fair that he decided not to let you use the work he did for you.
(The way he did it of course very questionable and completely unacceptable but you didn’t expect to keep the work without paying for it even though it was done poorly, right?)


Honestly i wish you could see it :joy: the work was a shambles and in fairness i had every intention of getting someone else to do the work as i mentioned so his would have been overridden or deleted anyway…but its the fact that i had set up a new password and set up extra security and he went out of his way to still get access and delete my products. I actually have no idea if hes deleted other products aswell. Once i have deleted the entire workload that he did ill have an idea from whats left over.

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That’s a tricky one. Technically, you’re breaking the ToS by using someone’s work after receiving the refund. Even if it’s of terrible quality and is used as a temporary measure. He had a right to get his work removed from your site (NOT by breaking in, of course) but I’m not familiar with the technicalities of how it could be done in this particular instance. By contacting Shopify directly, I assume.

That being said, 30 days instead of 4 is quite a deadline extension. 8 days instead of 4 is already pushing it and is kind of an indicator that something is off, especially if it’s someone you haven’t worked with before. Watch for the warning signs.


Very true. It is a difficult one. Its alot harder to return a service than it is to return a physical product.

What happened to you is so unfortunate. There are lots of sellers on Fiverr who are very professional. But if Fiverr refunded you the payment then you don’t own the service you received from Fiverr.

Just out of curiosity, how much did you pay for the order?

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Sorry, but you can’t quite compare Fiverr sellers to supermarket employees.
Fiverr sellers aren’t employees at all, they are freelancers who make use of Fiverr as a platform which connects buyers and sellers and acts as kind of an escrow service between buyer and seller, keeping the money the buyer pays until the seller delivered, and even beyond that, to give buyers a generous amount of time to check the deliverables. Fiverr doesn’t pay sellers a salary or social benefits or anything, sellers are free in what they offer, how they work, when they work, etc. (within the terms of service, obviously, they aren’t allowed to offer any services that are against laws, Fiverr’s and third party terms, and so on).

Anyway, if you check Fiverr’s terms of service, which all users, sellers and buyers alike, accept when registering their account, you’ll see that Fiverr excludes any liability for sellers’ acts or omissions unless it’s a liability which cannot be excluded under applicable law.

You got to leave a review and got refunded, which usually is mutually exclusive, and if you have sufficient proof that the seller indeed did what you assume they did (which sounds probable, although it would be a pretty stupid thing to do, because it might cost them their account) and present that to Fiverr, it’s quite possible that he’ll get suspended from the platform, or at the least a warning (which will lead to suspension too if the seller will be caught (again) doing anything that’s against Fiverr’s terms of use).

If the seller indeed did what you think he did, that’s certainly against some law or other but not in Fiverr’s responsibility (unless, perhaps, the seller did this kind of thing before and Fiverr knew of it and still let him stay on their platform, in which case they might be hold liable, I could imagine but don’t know the “applicable law”), you could try to sue the seller for compensation but that might very well only waste more time and money.

That said, this does indeed sound like a pretty unpleasant experience, and losing time with unpleasant things (and perhaps sales), of course, is always irksome. I’d see if I could prove to Fiverr that the seller did what you assume they did, so they won’t get another chance, at least here, to do it to someone else, and then leave it in their hands and spend my energy and thoughts on making your shop awesome :slight_smile:

If you want to try with a seller here again, maybe make sure to choose one with lots of great and detailed reviews and who is on Fiverr since long enough that it’s improbable and would be very stupid for them to risk their account with an action like that.
Not saying that brand new sellers can’t be trusted, of course - we were all brand new once and glad that some buyers trusted us enough to buy from us without much or any “social proof” - but to “mend” your last really bad experience with some degree of certainty. Your shop and you certainly deserve a great freelancer to work with, and you should take your time to find one, especially if you’d need them for the long run, and I’m sure you can. Good luck with getting your shop functional and life ASAP!


I completely agree. But if its a service i recieved from Fiverr shouldnt it be Fiverr that deals with the return of the service recieved. He has no right to enter my credentials and access my site and make deletions like he did. I have no idea how he bypassed the 2 factor authentication.

Its a difficult one because you cant ‘return’ this kind of service. All i could do is delete it but fiverr would have no way of knowing whether that was done or not. Its a hard one. Im a buyer who spent 30 days waiting on a service and having it delivered very late and to a low standard. My site has been delayed in going live so i potentially lost out on sales…and then you have him working 1 whole month to supply a service he didnt get paid for. I paid £58 for this service. I sent him all documents before the quote and he was confident he was capable so we agreed that price and over 4 days. He took on more than he could chew and thats not my fault and i would have paid, left a lovely review and been on my way if he had the expertise to complete the work like he said he could. :slight_smile: x

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Thank you so much for such an awesome and informative comment :heart: you shed some positive light on the situation and made a bit more sense of Fiverr’s policies :slight_smile: and i have done exactly as you stated. Shopify have opened an investigation and will provide me information as soon as they have it x


Once the order is cancelled it is not your site anymore. It is just simple as that.

On the other hand, I recommend this Top Seller if you still prefer to get your work done.

I have not worked with this seller before, but he has posted a good article on this forum which proves he is good at what he does.

I hope you get your site up and running perfectly soon.


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True. He doesn’t get a free pass to access your site after the order and without your permission just because you got a refund.

Yes, he doesn’t owe you refunded work, but unauthorized access is not okay.

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No no the site is mine he had nothing to do with my website or its development. His job was to bulk upload products to my website.

Just had a look at your recommendation and he works a different field to what i need but thank you. He may come in handy for marketing and seo though once im passed this hurdle lol :woman_facepalming:

report to cs! best luck

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exactly i am really agree with you dear .thanks

Thanks for the recommendation!

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