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Worst seller ever, how do I get them off my back

I chose a seller who answered a request, was very friendly and made a lot of promises to me. At the end he did not do the job and I thought it was due to a language barrier so I paid and let it go. He was actually rude to me towards the end, did not fulfill the requirements, and everything had to be completely redone by a different seller.

I gave him a 5 star rating because i was afraid he would sabotage my website.

Now he keeps harassing me several times a day to completer the project. Help

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I believe you can now block him AND/OR message support and have them block him.

in the future you should not give 5 star ratings to people who did a terrible job… you really just lined someone else up to hire him thinking they are getting a great service when in reality he will probably get terrible service same as you.

Leave HONEST reviews always and have support Use that Block button!


You can just block him from contacting you…or better still you can report him to fiverr CS and let them take it up from there. I hope this helps!


Or you could probably not have given him a review at all. In my opinion, that could have been a better alternative than to have given him a 5-star one.

I agree with @garythomas9501. If they did a horrendous job, and yet, got a 5-star review, the other buyers (in the future) might have high expectations… only to get shoddy work in return. It fools the future buyers (just like yourself).

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If you’ve accepted the delivery and left a review, you have completed the project as far as Fiverr’s system is concerned.

Regardless of whether the seller thinks the project’s finished or not, from your point of view it is, so they shouldn’t be contacting you at all.

Here’ the link for CS: - you might want to mention about the review and why you left it - they may decide to remove it.

Sorry you’ve had this. :sunny:


Definitely report him to Customer Support with screenshots of harassment.

Also, if you gave him login credentials for your website, change them; hopefully someone else will chime in and advise you how to protect your website.


After you change your pw you may as well also check if another admin role has been assigned to any user. Have someone perform a proper security audit. This may sound paranoid but better safe than sorry and please do inform CS. As a buyer you should not feel that way and do something just out of fear :confused: