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Worst Thing that's ever Happened!

I have provided a recommendation report to a buyer on 01st of March 2016 and he has completed the order. But today I have received following mail from Fiverr.

Hi ireshdilan, A dispute was opened via PayPal for your order #########: show 10 big mistakes on your website. As a result, we have to cancel this order and ask that you discontinue your work. If the dispute is resolved, the buyer will receive an offer to reorder your Gig. Thanks, The Fiverr Team

I have noted that Fiverr has refunded his money (I think two times - please refer attached image - The funniest thing is that he has already applied over half of my recommendations!

Seems Fiverr is a good place for scammers to get free work! :slight_smile:

No attached image–the attachments here don’t always work. Using Imgur with the BBCode embed option is much more reliable :slight_smile: don’t forget to block out usernames and other identifying details to stay within forum rules!

In any case, you’re a victim of the PayPal dispute, and this is more your seller being a cantering horse. I’m afraid you can’t do anything except suc k this up. It’s quite rare and you were unlucky. It is unfair, and I wish Fiverr would protect sellers a little more in this situation, but right now, you’re outta luck.

Thanks for your suggestion about attaching images but it’s there -

I have contacted Fiverr customer support (opened a ticket) but they haven’t reply to me to yet.

I also think that I am helpless with this situation. Thanks again!

Eh, $8 isn’t too bad. Some sellers have had worse (think $600 etc). Good luck, but you’re better off forgetting this and moving on. I like to remember Karmic law in such cases…

I just had a Paypal reversal for $24. There isn’t anything fiverr can do about this. All businesses have these.

Unfortunately this is the buyer’s fault and it does happen to everyone sooner or later. It’s good it was a small amount. The only plan I have in place personally is that I rarely accept large orders (over $20) from a buyer I haven’t worked with before. I try to get buyers to order a small portion of work or a milestone for a few dollars. If it goes well and they stay in communication, I keep going gradually.

This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get ripped off since PayPal is ridiculous about their own policies and allow people to file disputes long after a transaction is complete. Still, I manage to limit my liability with the small orders so it works for me as much as anything does. Your image is showing up fine for me, just FYI. Good luck!

These reversals of pay are built into a system that needs to have a way buyers can feel safe and protected from problems and fraud with online payments. If buyers, not just on fiverr but anywhere on the internet, feel they may be taken advantage of and lose their money somehow, they need to know they have a way to be protected. There would not be any
online commerce without this trust and it is a necessary thing for buyers to feel safe when they make online purchases. It’s a small price to pay for the chance to make online sales.

There would not be a way to get paid without this type of “buyer protection”. Yes there is fraud sometimes when buyers make paypal disputes or chargebacks on their credit cards.

meh, I can’t be assed to argue this again, but the 20% fees can be used in part to create a global fund to ensure that on the rare occasions this happens sellers don’t lose out. I get that loss is a part of business, but… I think this is a good example of why some sellers claim that Fiverr is skewed in favor of buyers. If buyers can have this kind of protection, so can sellers, especially if all business is to be conducted under their “aegis”.

In any case, if the system was fairer re: refunds (who wants crappy store credit anyway? Any store! It’s bs)…

This would open up a lot of fraud caused by sellers not delivering their friends orders and getting paid anyway.