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Worst Week :( [RESOLVED]

Recently someone complained & fiverr customer support temporary disabled my withdrawal functionality. The order is delivered & completed 5 months ago. (funds are already cleared and withdrawed)

I’m a level 2 seller & completed 296+ orders with positive rating, I don’t think it’s fair to disable withdrawal functionality because the buyer is now unsatisfied after 5 months.

I don’t know why fiverr throw their support behind the buyers. New year is coming & I really need to withdraw some funds…


On July 2015, This buyer hired us for a web design project & we completed & delivered her website. Now after 5 months the buyer want more pages on her site. I replied: Your website is already delivered & if you want more pages on your site you have to pay more or you can hire another designer.

She is using the website for over 4 months now & her website is live and working smoothly!

Fiverr Support Team Response:

Support: Your withdrawals have been disabled until you respond to your buyer and address what ever concerns he/she may have. If you feel the order has been completed and your buyer is requesting new information, please be kind enough to reply and inform him/her of that. Please provide a list of what your Gig offered and what you have delivered.

Me: Answered

They said that we have to resolve this issue mutually but the buyer is not responding to my messages.

Ahhhh, Fiverr Support Team just replied again:

Support: Even if the buyer is not currently responsive please continue making attempts to reach them until they would hopefully get back to you and confirm that they have no more issues with your service in the order FO#########. Buyer’s current unresponsiveness does not make it possible to consider the order as successfully concluded and we won’t be able to reinstate withdrawal option in the account Wpfalcon because of this.
Please resume communication with the buyer as requested before so that it would hopefully become possible to resolve situation in the order FO######## and reinstate withdrawal functionality in your account later on.

Guys I’m really worried right now, Any help on this problem would be greatly appreciated!

That sounds bad :frowning: I wish it never happen to anyone else.
Try to convince Fiverr customer support team. I guess they are nice people and they’ll understand you if you try

I know, They have always helped me before & I don’t know why this time support team is taking buyer’s side

296 happy customers vs 1 unsatisfied buyer, I’m working day and night here just to give the best quality service to all my customers. Fiverr needs both in equal measure to remain relevant.

Hi, this doesn’t make sense. Is there more to it than this? What exactly did the buyer complain about? It must have been a terrible problem to be coming after 5 months from when you completed the order.
Let us know when you hear more please.

Buyer said that we didn’t finish the whole project & now she want more pages on her site. I designed her complete website with forum, live chat & payment gateway setup.

We both agreed on 1 site but I designed 2 websites (Main website & Dedicated Forum powered by bbPress)

She is working for a non-profit organization & don’t want to spend more money on her site, I think that’s why she is trying to get other pages for free.

I even said:

We can still add some pages because you’re working for a nonprofit to help veterans but we have to cut off some pages from your huge word document.

If this is okay, please let me know! Now we have to resolve this issue mutually :slight_smile:

Still no response from her side!!

Fiverr Support Team Response:

To clarify, temporary disabling of revenue withdrawal is a security measure to ensure successful resolution of orders and to avoid possible fraudulent activities that may be applied to any sellers’ accounts from non-leveled to Top Rated ones inclusively if sellers’ performance notably decreases and/or if problems arise with notably large orders. We cannot exclude individual sellers from this procedure, so we would appreciate your patience in reaching final resolution in the order FO######## together with your buyer until the buyer confirms that they accept completion of this order and have no more issues with your service in it.

I am in worse situation i haven’t had an order for like 2-3 months…and the funny part is that I check every day to see if i have any new orders but no how unlucky I am…

Are you hosting her site on your own server? Can you sign in to her site and add some pages, even blank ones which she can add content to? Then send screenshots to customer support showing you have tried to contact the buyer many times and no response, and you added more pages?

How much did she pay? How many pages of the site did you give her?

No, But I can still Sign-In & add more pages. She paid $422 for the complete website.

Did you say how many pages you would give her for that?
Did it include an ecommerce ability? Did you set that up for her so it was working?

Everything is working, Buyer just want more pages on her site. That’s all she want…

I can add few pages but she is not responding to my messages…

All you can do is add more pages, about 5 more, and tell her you did this and ask again for her to contact you. Send screenshots of all this to customer support. I’m sorry this is happening to you. Hopefully it will be ok for you soon.

Thanks, I will add 5 more pages & tell this buyer to accept completion of the order.

Don’t worry,Just keep contacting them

This issue is already resolved on 31st December 2015 :slight_smile:

Update - This issue is already resolved on 31st December 2015, Thanks @misscrystal for the help. Fiverr Customer Support is the best :slight_smile:

Thank you for updating this. I’m glad it worked out for you.

Congrats :slight_smile:

Facing the same problem, How do this solved??