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Worth of well written seo optimized content


We have already know that “content is king”. I also agree with this quote. But do you have any idea which type of content is king? A website means lots of contents with lots of variations. If we want to make a successful blog, then at first we need original and unique content.

I have already told content is king. Here is the proof. Content means articles that’s we use in our website. If you want to make a powerful online business, then you need power in your content.

When you write a post for a website or blog, at first choose main keyword for your post. This is the keyword which you will use in your post several times. And then choose an ideal keyword density for your post.

There is lots of mixed opinion for keyword density. In my opinion 1-2% keyword density is best. Now we need to use keyword variations in our post.

Suppose we are writing a post on the social bookmarking sites list. Then the social bookmarking sites list is our main keyword. Also, we need to choose more 2-3 keyword variation of our past. Like this free social bookmarking sites list, social sites list etc.

Every time I have seen posts that have well written with main keyword and variations ranked well in search engine. Also,they convert well in search engine.

Every time we need to remember that don’t make a post long with irreverent things. It does not look so good. There is no possibility to get ranked high. If you follow these tips, then your post will get next level in SEO.