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Would a Seller move back down from Higher Levels to lower Levels?

Hello everyone,

I’m a Fiverr Newbie. I just got to Level 1. It is so exciting. Just wondering, if a Seller get to Level 2, would they move back to Level 1 if they their Star rating falls below 4? Thanks.

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Yes, to stay at a level you have to keep working hard and satisfy your customers.

Thanks. Would a seller on Level 1 falls back to New Seller if their star rating goes below 4? Thanks.

Yes, I believe if you are not providing quality work and receiving poor ratings, you would lose your Level badge. Seems to make sense, right? I mean, why would they reward someone who consistently (not a bad rating every so often, as you can’t be perfect and make everyone happy!) is delivering poorly rated work?


Yes. From what I understand, your level also falls if you don’t continue to meet the sales volume requirements.

I don’t know. However, I have recently run into an issue with a particularly bad buyer and his one negative rating coupled with no way for sellers to protect themselves from bad buyers has lead to my account being flagged for “review.”

Until Fiverr gives sellers REAL ways to protect themselves from bad buyers, these kinds of problems will not be solvable within Fiverr’s system.

Good luck, and I hope you keep clear of bad buyers for as long as possible.

Yes this happens sometimes due to serious rule infractions.