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Would adding a new gig improve my low stats?

So, I’ve been on Fiverr a few months now. To learn how to at least get a gig, I read some e-books on making it in here. But this is my first time here in this forum so I thought I could get an advise for this.

My first three months got me a good steady work of three orders a week. But I’ve been failing my on-time delivery stat. I failed to deliver on time on four occasions and unfortunately, I didn’t opt for the resolution center on any of those (until the last one but it was too late). I promptly message the buyer whenever something may delay me and I keep communication open, send screenshots of my progress and update them how many more hours I may need to finish the work when I fail to delivery on time. Maybe it was my lack of knowledge of the resolution center that ultimately effed up my stats. But my delivery on time in at 86% out of 25 orders (only one didn’t make a review).

I was looking forward to get 8 more orders (my $5 offer seems to sell easy) to cover the last 4% to be eligible for Level 1. But after being Out of Office for 10 days (due to work outside of Fiverr), I noticed my gig has fallen to the last page and I’m getting little or no impressions now compared to 1.3K two weeks ago.

In the attempt to resolve this, I purchased a Fiverr gig promoter from this site to share my link to social media sites and other people in the hope to regain my previous stats, while I also endorsed my gig to friends in some rpg circles I have. Though there’s an improvement with the view stat, my impression count and click count are still way too low and so far, I only have one incoming order from a returning buyer. I don’t think I’ll ever see a buyer request on my end too since my gig is really niche (my current best-selling gig is).

So I was thinking of creating a new gig to help me out, and I’d like to know if this will help get me more orders, since I just learned of Fiverr’s algorithm and rotation. I’m in the hopes that Fiverr might promote this new gig to the first page so I could get new orders somehow. And maybe I could fix my low delivery rate stat. Am I wrong to expect this?

My Fiverr gig:


welcome to fiverr forum. yes , your thinking is right. fiverr forum is very helpful for any fiverr memeber