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Would anyone be kind enough to help me improve my gig?


Hello. I just made my first gig, what do you think about it? Anything that needs to be changed?


I suggest improving the description. Thanks


Your gig is good describe more your offers in gig description, make more gigs it will help you in showing buyer request and getting more orders. Wish you all the best:)


Yup, I also should think about that. Gratitude for the heads up on us. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


How would i go about imrpoving my descripton?


How would i go about improving my description?


Describe about your packages, add some mind taking offers for free. Describe how you gonna offer revisions for delivered job. Let buyers know why you are special and why should they buy from you and you only. Ask them to contact you. And check other gigs on you category and make your description wisely to challenge them. But most importantly don’t copy someones description.that will not work for you coz you need to be unique to be a great seller due to the competition.


Thank you very much. :slight_smile: