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Would appreciate feedback


I’m a student and am looking to make some money off of fiverr but I’m finding it difficult to make my first sale. Could anyone check out my profile and some of my gigs and offer feedback? Thanks.


Dear Bala:

Please start by telling us what you have done.

Have you read the Fiverr Terms of Service?

Have you read Fiverr Academy?

Have you listened to Fiverrcast?

Have you read the Fiverr blog?

Why did you use a generic photo of hands writing, rather than a photo of you?

What keyword research have you done?

Who is your target audience?

Why don’t your gigs have video?

Why do you write about “the customer” rather than “you”?

Good luck,


I’ve read the Fiverr terms of service but haven’t read or listened to Fiverr Academy, Fiverrcast or the blog.

I used the picture of the hands writing because that sums up what I do more than a picture of me would. If someone saw a picture of me then it wouldn’t explain what my gigs are about whereas the picture of the hand writing helps to explain that.

I haven’t done any keyword research. I just input keywords that I believe are relevant to the gig.

I have a very broad target audience as I am able to help people from young ages (ie. as young as 10) ranging all the way up to helping adults.

Most of my gigs don’t have any relevant videos. Such as writing a speech or converting a file.

I do write about myself in my description. I just like to mention the customer too, so that they know that I ensure that they are satisfied with my gigs.