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Would be great to see an overview of how Fiverr works

I just joined and have spent a lot of time trying to find answers to basic questions such as:

  • How do I add Gig Extras to my post (as seen on other ads)?
  • Is it my imagination, or do other ads have far more text than I was allowed when creating my gig?
  • What are Levels?
  • How do I view my gig as others would see it?
  • When are profiles seen?

    Hey, Fiverr, I rock at documenting “how-to” articles; would you like to hire me to create a user manual for this site? :slight_smile:



Hi and welcome.

You will get Extras when you reach Level 1.


    Everyone gets the same amount of characters in the gig description.

    You can view your gig when you’re logged off or when logged in click on your name in upper right corner to see your main page, then click on any of your gigs.

    Profile should be seen at top of your main page at the right side of your gig pages.

    Good luck!

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