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Would be nice to choose the days we're able to work


I think it would be nice to get to choose the days we’re able to work.

What do I mean?

For example, let’s say being as if you’re in the US and you celebrate Christmas, your clock shouldn’t count down on Christmas Eve or Christmas. I have an order that actually falls right on Christmas. I have to do it early because of this, but there should be an option to select holidays you won’t be able to work, or even particular days you’re not able to work. Being as I am not able to be here 24/7 for other reasons, I should be able to pick at least two days out of the week of which I won’t be able to work, and the clock shouldn’t tick down on those days. I compensate by extending the days that it will take me to deliver, but it would appeal more to buyers knowing a bit more clarity as to the days of availability of the particular seller, right?



I wish there was a time table sort of thing on our gigs/profiles. So on, for example, Monday all my gigs would suspend - and it would warn people on my profile/gig. I actually tried putting it in my gig descriptions at one stage, but people ignored it and ordered anyway.

This would be extremely helpful when school starts back up - on days when I have things after study.


@kjblynx Yeah if anything, it would be nice to have some kind of big buttons or something in bold that’s actually apart of Fiverr’s system to indicate what days of availability are possible. Even a built-in calendar where we can select holidays and specific seasonal times or gaps of which we won’t be available. I don’t think they will limit the queue. They have people making 200 to 300+ orders a day(In which what they deliver to the user is something that takes them less then 5 to 10 minutes.). Maybe a limit you can set where after you get so many orders, the gig “auto-pauses” but that you will still maintain your gig position after the orders are cleared. I almost had to pause my gig one time where I got 20 to 25+ orders out of nowhere and BIG ones+rush delivery. To think that if Fiverr sent out more newsletters to categories like that every day sales for most everyone would be much more significant.

@celinedesigns Totally agree on that one. It just bugs me that on days like Christmas Eve and Christmas I have to be on doing orders to make sure clients are happy. I get that yes, people worldwide order but to indicate to them that a holiday is going on and hence why a slow delivery without actually having to type it to them would be nice.

Yeah, I do a day job, have a lot of random personal things to attend to, and I have for the longest time been trying to work on preparing new gigs but my orders have been way too many when I get the time to that I would have to pause my gigs, but at the same time I don’t want to pause the gig unless I would get my spot back afterwards and there is a few gigs I paused in the past and brought back that just wouldn’t rank anywhere near the same.

It’s frustrating, I guess we’ll see what happens though. I hope that they do at least on occasion read these suggestions people make!