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Would Fiverr be a good plan B?

Hey guys,
My name is Atef, I own a digital agency in Canada.
With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the business went south. It’s so hard to find new (local) clients since everyone is afraid to pay. Even our current customers are delaying payments.

I’m new to Fiverr. i wonder how has it been for freelancers that have been working in Fiverr for a while? Did it slow down?
Would this be a good plan b for myself? Or is it too late to join?



Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

You’re in the right category to find the answers, and this is probably the most active thread on the topic, so feel free to join in the discussion: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impacts On Freelancing!

As for the specific question of ‘good plan B’, I can say that there has been a huge influx of people thinking the exact same thing. It all depends on if the plan was/is actually a plan and not a whim.

You’ve been here since December, according to your account, so you already know that it’s not as simple as making a gig to make sales. The ‘conditions’ are even more saturated now. Plan B might still work, but it’ll take work, a lot of work, to make it as a freelancer, so be sure to research and plan accordingly.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” (Attributed to Benjamin Franklin)


I would consider focusing on clients that are moving in this economic environment. That has been a bigger issue for me than which sales platform. Do you have current customers that are working more in this season? I see tons of new video commercials and ads from companies that are distributing media right now. Much of the work can be completed online and not in person.

I have an active account on Fiverr. I have seen a 30% increase in my business during the crisis. People have gone home and now they have time to complete the things they have been too busy to finish. They are less distracted now.

There is economic unrest which will keep some people from paying their bills. You and I just need a small percentage of work from the people who can spend.

The pest control business also suffers during times like this. It’s easy to hold on to cash and be 30 or 60 days behind on paying the pest control bill. I have friends in the business who almost go bankrupt every time it happens. It really causes a cashflow problem for them when 80% of their customer don’t paiy this month’s bill.


There is nothing late to start something. All you need to do is just to stay focus, do research on your work, create the accurate gigs and that’s it. Yes, things are little slow considering the current factors, but still its still a good chance to execute your plan B. Best of luck & Welcome to the Forum

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fiverr is a good forum to make money

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Thanks for your advice!
It shows that I’ve been a member on here since December since I was buying a couple of voice acting gigs. I only started selling a couple days ago. Like you said, it will take a lot of work…
We’ll see how it turns out

Yeah thats the direction I’m shifting towards. Many of my clients are local business owners that had to shut down, and some had to let go of a few of their employees.
The thing is all of this is pretty recent, and noone really knows how long it will be before it all goes back to normal.
But what we know for sure for every additional day it persists another business owner will have to close up shop. Making the market for us smaller and smaller by the day.

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I will, thank you for the advice!

good advise for seller, i like it. thanks man

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Yep. Fiverr takes time though. I think it took me around 2 years to REALLY make like a sufficient sort of income.


Honestly, I’d use it as a plan C unless you’re extremely lucky - in which case you can directly make it your main plan if you wish. Just something to do on the side of something else more reliable, to further benefit all of your other plans.