Would Fiverr mind if I Promoted a gig via a Press Release?


So, I have a gig idea which is completely unique to Fiverr and possibly the world. In fact, it’s so brilliant that when I first came up with the idea, I felt like I should run a bath just to have an excuse to shout Eureka!

There is only one problem. As it is, people aren’t searching for this kind of service anywhere. It’s a completely new concept but one which I know would sell like hotcakes if it was well promoted. This being the case, I’d ideally want to use a press release to draw attention to it. But… Would Fiverr be okay with that and before I send a question to CS regarding the matter, has anyone done anything like this previously?

Also, sorry for not going into any specific details but I’ll be damned if someone steals my new brainchild before I have chance to implement it myself :slight_smile:



I don’t see why Fiverr would mind.


I thought Jesus had been booted off Fiverr. Screw taking his advice. Besides, I never trust men with fiberglass facial hair.


Good press releases just get lots of quality links etc so that should be fine as Fiverr encourages that but Id always run it by CS anyway.
Also, so glad you mentioned this:


You’re right, I will have to run this by CS. Don’t quite get the fiberglass thing though???


Otherwise you would have said “I never trust men with facial hair” and I would have cried.


Oh sorry. Don’t worry, I only trust men with facial hair as long as there is nothing nesting in it. In fact, I’m debating growing a beard myself. It’s just such a big commitment to make to yourself.


It I was a man, I’d have a beard. Mainly because I’m lazy. But I’d also mansculpt my facial hair into new and different configurations every week.

Pretty sure I’d just have a bird nest with yesterday’s breakfast conveniently scattered throughout in reality though.


I’ve never had more than a 2-day beard since I was 21. Like shaving every night after a hard day’s work, it really relaxes you, especially the after shave.


Beard makes me deeply uncomfortable. If I don’t shave for 36 hours, my face starts itching. Having said that, I’ve got 8000 words to do today, on a nice Sunday, so goodbye everyone!


Emmaki, you would look superb with a big bushy beard with yesterday’s breakfast in it. Do it. Splatter some Regain on your face and release the inner bearded Emmaki! You could make waves as the first openly bearded woman on Fiverr!


So the gig is about beards? lol


Gosh, you’re right. I could also start up a gig.

Dat waist tho.

looks sadly at sagging freelancer’s waist


Anyway, go for the PR. I don’t see why Fiverr would hate it as you’re basically promoting the website and they encourage that with the usual promote yourself on social media blahs. With your top secret idea and targeted press release, you’re like leaps ahead of the ‘hi buy my gig please I good at it’ crowd.


Yes, but I did have an awesome personal PR opportunity last year which Fiverr said no to. I think, however, that this was because I just kept getting canned responses rather than actual answers from someone who took the time to read my pitch.

In either case, you should really do the beard thing. I’d pay for a Christmas Xmas video greeting or the like from a bearded woman (not for me). Also, to @ armejndi, no, my new gig/product idea would be targeted at the LGBT community.


I do have a singular bushy hair on my chin that can get a bit pubic if I don’t deal with it. However, as it is a singular bristle, I’m not sure that letting it go wild constitutes bearded ladyism. On the other hand, I could buy a big beard and wear it.

Santa Claus: the Fraud and his many aliases have done this over the years. It’s time I took my part of the beard pie


You remind me of my hot blonde opera singer friend. She’s stunning but is apparently a lot older than I originally thought due to having some work done. Anyway, she’s got terrible eyesight and after six months of knowing her, I’m starting to wonder if it’s time I told her that despite her far away/near sighted kind of beauty, she actually has quite an epic neck beard.

It just seems like it’s gone too far down the railroad of friendship to break it to her.


A tricky one. She must sometimes touch her neck though, and know that yesterday’s eggs have somehow worked their way deep into it.

Maybe she is planning world domination as the world’s first famous bearded soprano who isn’t also a castrati.


Mind you, all the musicians I’ve ever known (genre aside) have either been preening narcissists or eccentric outcasts.

The latter are much more fun, and won’t mind if you point out some home truths. My favorite Cretan musician ended his last music night beating up the patrons, getting kicked out and not paid–and the final indignity–every laughs at him about it. Nice chap though. He doesn’t have a beard. He has a wufffly, but very pristine moustache.