Would it be a good idea to offer hosting service on Fiverr


As a large company we have our own hosting company and I am just wondering if it would be a good idea to offer people on fiverr to have their website on our dedicated server.

We would be looking at charging $20 a month and I am just wondering what people thought, if this was to cheap and if it is a good idea to offer this on fiver.


Yes Of course!!!


If you are suggesting that Fiverr send users to your company, to host their content on your servers, that’s not going to happen. Fiverr, like any good business, seeks to keep users on their own website. Sending Fiverr users somewhere else is bad business for Fiverr – unless, of course, your company is paying Fiverr to advertise hosting on your business.


I would have to say this is too expensive. There are many large companies that sell hosting for a few bucks a month (especially for the first year). I would say between $3-$5 per month is a good price.