Would it be alright to sell a jar of fart?


I tried this on eBay but it was unfortunately removed…


Go for it. Just make sure you allow plenty for shipping charges.


You have some competition:



I guess I’ll have to send it in a zip lock so I can be different :slight_smile:


could be really a KILLER ,i meant idea


Why not, if Fiverr lets you sell your “service” then go for it.


could be an untapped niche…


great gift idea for that ‘hard-to-buy-for’ person on your Christmas list…


My farts are now available for purchase folks!


Will it be a generic fart or will you include different kinds of aromas? (I’m thinking of a cheese labeling system)

This way you will be able to personalize for each customer.


Reply to @abigailsmycken: Awesome idea - the higher ‘pungencies’ could be gig extras!


Reply to @foolkiller187: Get rid of the “smell” direction. Never hint at the punchline in a prank! Good luck, farty pants!


Reply to @abigailsmycken: I charge extra for a designer fart. lol