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Would it be unprofessional to ask for higher prices in this case?

Hi All,
I recently received an order from the package I thought no one was going to buy. It was a 5$ package with turnaround time of 3 days for one logo concept.
The buyer stated his problem brief and I researched the problem to come up a pretty good design solution. While working on the order I discovered that it wasn’t just one person who were to judge my work, they were a team. As you might have guessed, the logo didn’t pass the screening test of everyone.
He has now provided me a completely different problem brief from earlier and wants me to come up with another concept for 5$.
In my extras I provide an additional concept for 15$ and I have also changed the pricing of my basic package to 15$ after this experience.
I don’t want to go through this hassle for only 5$ so I have asked him to order an extra for 15$.

Is it unprofessional?

The amount of effort and thought I put into my designs is worth much more than this but since I am a new seller I don’t want to put off potential buyers with relatively higher prices.

You can ask for whatever price you want, although you need to give them what your gig offers for the price it shows if they want that.

If you raised your price then that is what you need to stick to with him.
No need to give him a discount.


Just curious, did you offer him unlimited revisions?

No. I don’t provide unlimited revisions in any package.


Ok. Then you can do as @misscrystal has said as I agree with her. All the best.