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Would it cause any effect on my profile if I delete and re create my gigs too often?


Hi… I’m Aminul Islam. I’ve been working in fiverr since mid 2018. but I’ve got only one client till now…I sent many buyer requests, edited my gigs…but my gigs weren’t on the front page.
Thats why I deleted all the gigs and created again but there was some mistakes. that’s why i deleted again and then created a new gig…

will that cause any problem to my profile?


If you are a new seller on fiverr and create gigs but not get any impressions or views then you need to delete your gig and create new one, But if you have 100+ reviews on your gig then not try to delete your gig, just share this on social, i hope you will get the very first order soon :slight_smile:


@zamil_ahamed I had 22 reviews from only one client. but having those sales and reviews in not boosting my gigs…