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Would like to delete account and restart


Dear forum dwellers, I wanted to restart this account from the beginning. Like delete my fiverr account and remake it using the same email. A long time ago. I had a health issue, and I got late on one of my orders. As such, I was unable to get more gigs since I got downrated when I was still new. I’d like to restart again. Is it possible?


Yes it is as far as I know.


My you guide me to how to do so? I am having trouble figuring it out.


I’ve never done it so I can’t tell you how.


Dear musicmeister, I think it´s a good idea to contact Customer Support first if you want to use the same email to make sure you won´t run into problems.

Follow this procedure from Fiverr Help Center, I guess:


Think you need to contact Customer Support. There is a link at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


Thank you, I had a feeling it was the account deactivation. My main problem now is I have 4$ stuck in my account. It’s been like that for years as I never got the chance to get a fiverr card ):
The whole issue now is… how do I withdraw those, since I tend to get this odd error with paypal where it says the verification isn’t working for whatever reason. Fiverr cares that you take your money before closing the account, but I am okay with losing 4$, since I have no way to take them out. Figure the support can help me with something like that?


Seeing that you only have 19 reviews and no gigs, deleting you account wouldn’t be so bad. If you had 200 reviews, I’d advice against it.

If you start a new account, get a name that reflects what you do. You call yourself “musicmeister” but this is your description.

“I am a jack of all trades in the best way. My skills range from writing articles, photography, drawing characters, to even programming. Feel free to make use of my all in oner gig. If you are not sure contact me and I will provide you with samples of my work, before you order. Cheers <3”

Now I think Music Meister is a great name for someone with music gigs, and I admire the fact that it’s a name with no numbers. It’s also memorable. So maybe you can keep the meister and put a different word before it, like Skillmeister or Tracemeister. Tracing is a big part of drawing, but it can can also refer to other things.

If you find Tracemaster or Skillmaster, go for it. Meister I believe is German for master. The modern definition is: denoting a person regarded as skilled or prominent in a specified area of activity. “funk-meister”

Funkmeister would be great for funk musicians like James Brown, George Clinton, and Prince. Not that I listen to them, I just google stuff.


Thanks for your insight I’ll check your gigs. We’re similar when it comes to all in one-ing I am also an artist/programmer, so I can relate ^ ^/ And yes the original intention was to make music gigs. But after surveying the market I think how it works is you have to be exceedingly talented at what you do or the competition will obliterate you. If I had 200 gigs, I don’t think that 2 or so downrates would have harmed me that bad. In this case, the orders were cancelled, so the customers weren’t harmed. It’s just a shame that if you get downrated early in the game it just stunts you badly. Unless you already had returning customers, and a number of them. I hope your business gigs succeed though. I already contacted support, but wihle waiting on their reply have you any idea how to withdraw funds to paypal. That’s like the one step left for me to deactivate.


That would be good for you.
As i can see you already removed your gigs.and 4 years last delivery.


I know how you feel. I once had a gig that got a bad review after three good reviews. I eventually deleted that gig because it was causing too many problems, too many revision/refund requests.

I believe that a new gig must get 10 or 20 positive reviews before the first negative review. Otherwise, the negative review can draw you down a lot more than it should.