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Would love to get some advice on "suspending" a gig


Hi Fiverr sellers,

I have been selling on fiverr for about 2 months and doing really well for my category.

I am thinking about “suspending” my gig mainly because i have other projects coming up and i need to take a break from fiverr.

My question to experienced sellers is this:

I have really good visibility for my category under “rating”. If I suspend and then come back in a month to make my gig active again, will i lose my place and i have to start all over?

Are there any negative reasons not to suspend other than you are temporarily not visible.

I would like to suspend for a month and come back and resume, do you advice against it or is this completely ok when you need to do this.

Any advice will so appreciated. Jaya


I suggest you keep your gig live and increase the delivery time to 30 days (or more). You can mention your reason inside gig descriptions.


I have an Express gig I have to suspend almost every weekend. By mid-week I’m usually lucky enough to be higher in my rating catagory after coming back from the suspension. (I’m normally around the top 8 in my catagory for rating). But I have enough return clients that I get my rating back pretty quickly. I also have alternate gigs that I funnel returning clients to when my most popular “exress” gig is suspended for the weekend (I have a gig set up for tips, another for voicemails, another for radio commercials.)

I don’t want to lose that “express” status though, because it’s one more place where my gig will show up.

Perhaps raise your price, add a longer lead time and explain clearly to your clients on your gig page what’s going on.

Good luck!



I have done both suspending and increasing delivery time. Just depends on why I am doing it.


@oldbittygrandma…do you ever sleep? :slight_smile: in all seriousness, you are awesome, you have so much to contribute to our questions and you are always so generous with your advice and time - i thank you.

@kiffianyjean, thanks for that feedback, very helpful

@Iparziale, when you suspend your gig and then activate it again, do you get your previous rating back?