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Would love to hear suggestions <3 <3 <3

Hi Fellow fiverr doers!

I am so exited to let you guys know that I just published my very first gig on this amazing fiverr platform. I am having big hopes to become a top-rated seller one day by providing a top-level service to all my potential clients. By observing and going across 100s of competitor seller profiles, I decided to focus on quality than the quantity, which means I am not going to focus on the number of orders in my que. What I am concerned is getting a decent amount of good clients who is willing to pay a little extra to get a service from a professional seller.

How ever I would love to hear your thoughts on this as you guys have tons of experience with this platform compared to me. Do you think it is really a good idea to focus only on clients with somewhat bigger budgets (35-150$++) than concentrating on 5$ gigs?

Also please be kind enough to review my gig and let me know how I can improve it even further! I would love to hear suggestions!

Link to my gig:

Thank you so much for investing your time to read this!
Let’s grow together!


Make sure to read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page as sharing off Fiverr contact is not allowed. This is a link to the URL’s that are allowed -

As for pricing suggest you check out the competition in your category as most new sellers reduce their prices until they move up the levels.
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

@lloydsolutions I removed my gig link from the body! Thanks for letting my know! And regarding the pricing: Yes I should really experiment with the pricing!

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You are allowed to put your gig link in the post above. (You can put it back). My post was referring to your profile description.

They don’t have to be $5 gigs, but you don’t want to aim for your ideal rates until you have some ratings under your belt. Its fairly easy to know when to increase rates, as it usually happens because you are getting too busy because more clients are buying from you after seeing a number of positive reviews.

It’s all about communication and customer service. The more you can do to ensure your customer is satisfied throughout your process, the more likely they are to rate you favorably. For example, because you do logos, maybe you can show the customer a few quick sketches as soon as possible and get feedback on what they like before creating the finished products. Also, I usually send copies of what I think are finished to check customer approval before delivery. Just make sure you complete and “deliver” on time, because they won’t always be available for feedback.

also, it’s good to advertise your services to a particular niche. which industry is your favorite to create logos for? leave the generalized ones too, but create some new gigs to say “I will design a modern tech logo” or “I will design a professional game logo” or “I will design your beauty products logo”. Because buyer will search specific, not just “logo design”. Those are examples, make sure to choose your gig by the type of customer you’d prefer to have. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Hey what exactly you mean by profile description?

Your profile description is under your profile image on the Fiverr page where you tell people about yourself. Check this out for lots of new seller help:


Hi @daviddoer!

Thank you so much for your suggestions!

Yes I should definitely focus more on selling at a lower price until I have fully established my sales. Hopefully I’ll be able to come to a position that I can demand a value that I am satisfied with. I definitely do believe the fact that my skill and level of expertise will bring me there if I can first put my self in-front of the clients, for that I will have to lower my pricing at the initial stage as you just mentioned.

Yes exactly! I am already working more on improving my process, therefore both me and my client will expierience a simple and an effective process. This will save both ends lots of time and energy. I am already offering initial rough sketches prior to the final logo :slight_smile:

And regarding creating niche based gigs : that’s a wonderful idea buddy! I should definitely try that in the future and I will make sure to share my progress and results with you all!

Once again thank you so much for your ideas! They are brilliant! @daviddoer

Stay blessed and keep growing,


I’ll tell you, I am amazed with my growth so far. Less than 3 months and almost to $400 in earnings. Now I’m starting to get some regular customers, and am busy enough that when a new unannounced order comes in I have a minor panic attack. :smiley:

The way I have done that:

  • Promoting my services to an under-served niche.
  • Provide more customer engagement than even the customer is available for, and when they aren’t available for feedback I keep going to the best of my ability.
  • Asking questions and learning from the incredible participants in this forum.
  • Offering assistance to anyone that I have enough experience to help with.
  • Continually revising my gigs as I learn more there are always new updates so that I can better portray my abilities, and service.
  • Working many hours for little pay and offering my best in hopes for the good reviews.
  • Exploring the many features of this site to figure out the best ways to gain business
  • Checking out the profiles of competitors to see what they are doing.

It doesn’t take too many orders at low rates with excellent reviews before you can see that customers are getting interested in you and you can afford to up your rates a little bit. It’s kind of hard to make small increases in your rates when everything is adjusted by $5, so I’ve had to get creative to make sure I’m not moving too fast.

Those are my experiences. Some of those things will apply for you, and maybe others you will have to find your own way.

I think the biggest thing that got me started in the very beginning was when a friend who is familiar with my work placed a couple orders with me. I was already working for them before I got here, so it was simple enough. but it made a difference.

With your skill level and expertise, maybe you also have a couple customers you could bring over to fiverr to get you started.

p.s. This is the link you are not allowed to use on fiverr


Below is a list of links that are acceptable to use in your profile, so you’ll have to make a new portfolio on one of them.


More info @

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Hey @daviddoer!

Once again thank you so much for the response mate! All these insights and tips are wonderful to me as I am just entering the game and will definitely be paying my deep attention to each one of them :slight_smile:

Yes I should experiment with my gigs in every positive way possible to find out methods that are working for my niche! I believe 7 gigs would be sufficient try out different aspects of the system and being able to see real-time stats through fiverr my gigs portal is a blessing! We should definitely make use of that!

Yes that is definitely a good idea to find my first few clients outside of fiverr as it is quite difficult to reach the first few search ranks of the fiverr platform specially in my chosen niche, logo design. By working as a pro-level designer at other creative market places, I know that word of mouth can be extremely powerful. So yes! I should definitely look in to that! May be I really can bring some genuine clients to this amazing micro job platform!

And thank you so much for pointing out my mistake in-terms of link usage. I removed those web links! :blush:

Best Regards,

yeah, actually… something I’ve never tried but makes sense. I read one seller say that they would create all types of gigs, but not really working to make them nice until seeing which ones get good impressions

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Hi there buddy and welcome to this platform. Here are some of my suggestions, based on my personal experience. I don’t say these are the best pieces of advice ever, but they worked for me.

1. Start with small prices and over deliver for those few starting reviews. These are important. People tend to always choose already rated sellers, and the only way to make them try their money on you, is to offer them something a rater seller is not willing to do that cheaply. Is not the greatest thing, in the beginning, but it’s a fire that keeps growing. And after you have 15 or more 5 star ratings, you can consider charging what do you feel you deserve.
2. Take a look over your highest rated competitors and see what they do, and do it better. They have a video on their gig? Post even a better video. Do they have a high-quality portfolio? Do the same. Description on point? Keywords? FAQ? Get everything checked up to the most details.
3. Don’t create replicated gigs, that have the same keywords in them and are for the same service. This will work in your detriment. Try as much as possible to offer a variety of DIFFERENT gigs, but all with original pictures, descriptions, tags etc.
4. Post daily on buyers request. Not pretty, but it works. If your CV is appealing and you have a great portfolio, you will get some responses. Always read what they ask for and respond in a manner to make clear that you are writing that answer for them.
5. Don’t edit your gigs too often. Once you established a price and you made everything perfect, stop editing your gigs. Everytime you edit them, there is a delay before they appear in search again, because they must be approved by a moderator for those changes. That’s a mistake I made in the beginning, and I didn’t knew why my gigs didn’t got views.
6. Be positive and have patience. You must have nerve of steel and unshakable will to handle it there. There are good clients, there are picky clients, there are clients that are a mess to deal with. You must be able to know how to deal with each one of them.
7. Deliver impeccable work. World-class. Best it can be. If they are not amazed by what you produce, try harder. Your work is going to be your attraction for other customers.

Best of luck!