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Would love to see more Analytics options after the maintenance!

Hey there!

Seeing all of this maintenance on the site recently has been making me excited for all the new things and improvements to come.

I can’t wait for my Analytics page and charts to come back online.

I really do hope that new analytics and data sets are available so that we’d be able to better track how different aspects of our gigs are doing on a daily, weekly, monthly+ basis.

In any case, my professional dance business and I ready to go!

Lemme know what kind of ways you think Analytics will boost your businesses, I wanna know :slight_smile:

Bro, I am also excited but I just want Fiverr should Work on the running bugs on Site.
There are a lots of bugs in site.
If they all are successfully removed then we can think of new things to be added on Site.

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Definitely some aspects of the site that I’m iffy about, but overall the basics are down.

I hope that the customer side of things reflect our work in the most accurate way possible.

I have a feeling analytics are gone for good now that paid ads are about to roll out.

Can you imagine the backlash if someone paid for clicks and saw their impressions go down?

Just my take on things, but I guess we will see soon enough.


Yikes. Definitely want to see what’ll happen after the most recent patches finish up.

The type of analytics I would love to see are how my clients found my gig, what they searched on. That probably won’t happen.


@misscrystal is it against TOS asking them maybe when they contact you for work and you are done with their work… you can just slightly ask them how they are able to see your gig for purchasing?


I asked customer support that question a few months ago and they said it’s ok to do that. So far I haven’t done it.


Alright… Thanks…

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I’d love that sort of feedback too, on top of the feedback they can give you in stars.

I’d like to see all the settings junk removed from gig analytics. Watermarks, queue options etc don’t belong there. The page is overly long and all the dropdown toggle stuff needs to go. It needs a UX/UI makeover.


If fiverr gives us customer behaviour stats then we can manipulate the system :smirk:

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I wouldn’t call knowing how your clients found you manipulating the system. It’s standard marketing research. It’s normal to find out as much about your clients and what brought them to you as possible.


If I knew how clients found me then I will activate every option they need and I forget the given value.

  • If client filters by category then I will change to that category.
  • If client doesn’t use the search bar then I’m not interested to use keywords on my gig title.
  • If client filters by new seller then I’m not interested to get leveled.

I think the most important thing on marketing is “customer behaviour”

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They aren’t all going to be the same. I would like to know demographics of my clients as well as how they found me. I wouldn’t change anything about how my gigs are currently.

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But the stats will give you all clients how they interact!

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I can’t explain an entire marketing course here unfortunately.

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On the point of @misscrystal , that’s generally the point, at least in standard business practices. Essentially by knowing your market and how your market searches, interacts, and approaches your product or service, you would then make adjustments accordingly.

For example, if you knew your audience didn’t engage with Facebook ads, why would you buy them instead of investing in an approach your analytics says works instead, like better SEO.

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