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Would love your help to improve my gigs and profile! Immediately got a request, but no new uptick

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:
I tend to be too wordy in profiles! Let me know if you have any suggestions for pricing and description of my gigs. I’m also hoping to get a video done in the next few weeks.

So sad…I had a buyer almost immediately, but they cancelled for a different seller :frowning:


You mentioned being too wordy, but I took a peek at one of your gigs and you aren’t being nearly wordy enough. Aside from the title and taking advantage of all five tags, your description is exceedingly short and doesn’t invoke many ideas as to how your services can best be used.

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The image for your article writing Gig doesn’t load on my computer. I’m not sure whether the problem is with your image or my machine.

Let me call in my sidekick to help me out. @hum_on_the_go, I need your help solving this problem. Can you see the main image for this user’s Gig?

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Hi there Holmes @ahmwritingco, nope I can’t. @modesoflydia, try to add appropriate size images, size 550 x 370 pixels is a minimum size. Good luck!!

Warmly, Doo

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Hi there @tadas_puleikis, I am very happy for you, and I know you’re doing fine, but please self-promotion is not related to this thread, Please consider to add a new thread related to your topic in my Gigs , Thank you!!

Warmly, Doo

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Thank you for such a swift response!

Hopefully @Modesoflydia can fix this problem quickly and easily. :slight_smile:

I don’t think even the famed “Fiverr senior” could make sales with a Gig that has no picture.

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Hey @hum_on_the_go, Thank you for advice but this is not a self promotion - I’m just offering to check my profile and take a free advices on how to create attractive Gig. I will edit my previous comment slightly.

Thanks for your tip but I don’t need promotions anymore as I’m getting enough orders anyway :slight_smile:

Sorry to say but it is @tadas_puleikis … this woman needs help about her gig, and here you are bragging about your gigs???

Be helpful, that is why we are here for.

Don’t take this negatively.

Warmly, Humberto

Maybe we could all reach a comprise here? Tadas_Puleikis, perhaps you could share a few of your top tips with the OP? Then, naturally, if she likes them, she’ll probably check out your Gig to see them in action. This way, you don’t have to explicitly mention your Gig, but it’s still likely to be looked at.

You are doing very well, by the way! Congrats on that.

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@hum_on_the_go okay, if you say so. My posts are hidden anyway. :slight_smile: @modesoflydia So I’m sharing my personal experience and Tips that helped to me:

In my opinion, there are 3 main key results which helped me to rise a little bit here:

  1. Fiverr Gig SEO. That’s for sure, some of my gigs are on the 1st page when checking in a filter as “online available”. Some are without any filters. SEO title, SEO in packages texts, SEO in Descriptions and 5 Tags - use them as your main advantage.

  2. Buyers requests. This is kinda boring when there are no requests and you are refreshing the page once per 10 minutes but it delivered me at least 3 or 4 orders. So do it! I already sent 90 Buyers requests. Tips for the text: Be polite / make it clean / make it short / include that you are new but you are experienced / after i got my first review - I started to mention my total review count as a proof of my skills. That works best for me.

  3. Fiverr Forum. All these tips in my gigs and profile were read and implemented from this amazing forum. I think that I even have at least 1 order from a seller who found me on the forum. He liked my tips about gigs.


@ahmwritingco nice suggestion. I just did that :smiley:

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Excellent. Great minds think alike! :smiley:

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