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Would love your input/advice for improvement

Hello all. If you have a spare minute, I would love to hear from you regarding my gigs and their descriptions. Is there anything I can improve on? Is anything written that doesn’t sound very clear or should be more specific? Would love some honest feedback. Thanks for your time!

Make less competitive gigs or alter your gigs so that they specifically serve needs of a certain audience.

What you’re selling has literally thousands of competitors on Fiverr. It’s hard enough to make sales when you don’t have huge competition.

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Thanks for your input. I saw the competition and stubbornly created these gigs anyway. Hoping to some how work up to standing out. Will think about how I can become more specific. Thanks!

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What may give you an edge is that your English is better than most and you are more professional, but that itself doesn’t make people see your gigs. Visibility is the first step and that’s really hard with heavy competition.

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