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Would Photo Editing has any scope in fivrr

i am photo editor. i created a gig on fivrr of photo editing on fivrr but not get any order Why?


It might and it might not. You have thousands sellers offering the same photo editing so why would some one order from you?
On top of that nowadays people can easily edit photos, change their hair colour etc by themselves in 30 seconds in their iPhone, so why would they pay you to do that?

You really need to think of who is your target audience and how to appeal to them.

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I hate to say it, but one thing you’re going to need to improve is your English.

I don’t speak any Urdu, so I commend you for being able to speak as much English as you can. But it’s clear from having a quick look at your gigs and your messages here in the forum, that your own personal English ability is very weak. The parts of your gig descriptions where your English is good, you’ve copied from other sellers or from other parts of the internet.

Your gig titles (arguably the first thing a potential buyer sees of your gig) at the moment include;

  • I will any type of cahnges in a photo
  • I will make flat,clean and writen logo for you
  • I will vedio editing you seek

I don’t say this to sound harsh, because as I mentioned your ability to speak multiple languages to any degree is impressive. But the vast majority of buyers on Fiverr are from the US and Europe, and are going to be English speaking as a first or second language. If you can’t hold a conversation with potential buyers, you’re going to struggle to sell to them, and I suspect this may be having an impact on your ability to sell your services.

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