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Would sellers object to extra work requests?

I have a need for people with various skill sets which have been showcased here on Fiverr. I’m just wondering if I bought a gig or two from a seller, would they (the seller) object to a request for part time paid help on a per call basis. What I’m getting at by way of example is, if I had a seller fix a php bug for $5 and the work was done, could I ask them what their hourly rate would be for further help on a per job basis? Or - would that be against the Fiverr Tos? that would be a pity really, because a seller could earn a little extra as well as continue on Fiverr. Anybody want to comment?

Thanks very much.

I think it’s not against TOS, or, to be more specific, I can’t think of any reason why it should be problematic. Basically you want them to work for you for longer time, on more tasks, and you just want to pay them based on what you need and how long it takes. Sounds reasonable. I think there are so many sorts of gigs (e.g. virtual assistants) who get paid by hours anyway, it shouldn’t be a problem. :slight_smile: And if you have one or several requests, and if you know or don’t know yet how many and when you’ll have, it shouldn’t make a difference.