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Would this be acceptable?


Theoretical Scenario 1:

Say if someone orders a gig saying they’ll give you the details later, but never end up doing it. Would it be acceptable to mark the order as complete, and if they decide to actually give you the details, you’ll do it?

Theoretical Scenario 2:

Someone mindlessly orders a gig without even reading the description. For example, making a video with a maximum of 50 words, and they order the same gig but with 200 words when there’s an extra selection for that amount of words. Would it be acceptable to just take the first 50 words and use those?


Reply to @madmoo: Mutual cancellations affect the cancellation percentage which can dramatically hinder future sales. This applies to both scenarios. In the end, it’s not the provider’s fault that the client is unable to follow simple instructions, right? Why should we be negatively affected as a result of lack of common sense?