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Would this be considered Rating System Abuse?

I purchased a gig from another seller who did not provide what I asked for the 1st time so I asked for a revision. Upon receiving said revision (which was subpar in my opinion, however I understand we get what we pay for) I gave an overall 3.7 review and rating.

They asked me why I rated the gig the way I did and proceeded to get me to change my rating.

Seller: whats a problem? why give me too low rating
Me: I gave 4 stars because you sent me all 3 images as one 1 and when I am trying to print the file there are marks all around it that I will have to edit out myself.
Seller: i can request you for rating revise. if you need all three picture separate then i sent you again
Me: I have separated them already, thank you
Seller: please mam review your feedback or cancel it i dnt need your cash.

The revision was because I specifically asked for everything to be in all black and white and I received everything in color.

After leaving my 3.7 rating as a 3.7 rating I then received a 1 star rating in return with the seller saying they would never work with me again (they won’t have to worry about this though as I will happily never order again from this seller).

Now, I have no idea how a 1 star buyer rating will affect me and honestly I don’t really care. I just think it is a bit unfair to give me such a low rating simply because I did not want to raise their rating to 5 stars. Would you consider this an attempt to abuse the rating system? They have their money, and I really could have given a worse rating but didn’t.


Sellers do not deserve 5-star ratings, and it seems like your seller thought he deserved it. You rated him, as you should, based upon the rating your experience warranted. He can always ask you to change the review, however, I think you should just leave it as the 3.7 you gave him. You were honest, and you thought the experience deserved a 3.7 rating.

Don’t let sellers like that strong-arm you into making him look perfect. If you don’t think he should have the 5-star review that he wants, then don’t give it to him.

And don’t worry about the 1-star review he posted in response. It does not hurt you, as a buyer, in any way.


I suspect the buyer rating may be used in the future for something, but to my knowledge, currently it does not do anything to you, but rather allow sellers to respond to buyers reviews.

Sellers and Buyers can leave whatever rating they see fit. It doesn’t sound like abuse to me.


Thank you @jonbaas I appreciate your feedback!

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You’re welcome! …

Seems you did not asked for revision.
that way you can avoid this dispute.

Please read the discussion before commenting. The OP is a buyer. She did ask for a revision. Her seller provided work that was not what she asked for, and she reviewed him appropriately. He then asked her to change her review, because he didn’t like the review she gave him.


Thanks for your advice.

Its not clear what she asked in first revision.
Seller was ready to make changes but seems she was in hurry and edited before seller respond.
Anyways I respect buyer’s rating.

Asking for change review after bad service is unacceptable.


There was a language barrier which is why the sellers messages seem confusing. That response of the seller asking me for a rating revision is AFTER I asked for a revision and the gig was completed…

I agree! I understand if you want to make your gig/services better and ask for constructive criticism or the reasoning behind a review rating, but trying to tell a buyer to change their review after getting the order wrong and leaving a 1 star after that just seems so bizarre and unnecessary

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