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Would this kind of gig sell?


So I am sure many of you have heard of the person Chris “Mind Freak” Angel. Well I actually own one of his kits with hundreds of his illusions in it. Well I figured I would have it where I make an illusion to help advertise someone’s stuff. Would that be something people are nowadays interested in you think or would that be a dud?


It’s no dumber than any of the other really dumb things listed here. I mean there are some good things on this site, and some really weird stuff that I always ask “Who the heck would pay for that?” but they list it anyway. I would say to go for it and see what happens. Worst case, you get no bites.


It would work, but this is really the wrong question. In a way BeatCraigsList nailed it. Fiverr is a marketplace for testing offers. So just put up the offer and test :slight_smile:

Do remember this, performing magic is an art. It’s WAY more than the “trick” …and it often can take a lot of practice to perform even the “Trick” part. So practice, practice, practice.


Try it, it cant hurt! :smiley:


good luck :slight_smile:


Sounds alike a unique gig with a lot of potential, good luck